Best Year-Round Trends You Can Enjoy in 2022

Posted July 22, 2022 by in Fashion

The good news about this year’s fashion trends is that you can enjoy everything the runway has to offer no matter what the season is. From chunky shoes to brightly colored blazers and cool kicks on and off the court, you’ll want to start revamping your wardrobe with fun and stylish wardrobe essentials that keep you looking hip all year.

Check out these three best year-round trends you can enjoy in 2022.

Mini Skirts

Show off your legs in this year’s mini skirt that’s dominating the summer scene. Choose fabrics that keep you cool such as cotton and linen blends available in a plethora of colors. If you like pleated skirts, pair your mini skirt with a pair of chunky platform shoes or strappy sandals. And if you’re wondering if you can still wear your mini during cooler weather, the answer is — absolutely.

Fall weather is an ideal time to dress up a mini-skirt with boots in a variety of styles. Going out on the town? Add a pair of thigh-high boots or leather knee-high boots with an oversized sweater or sparkly top. Cropped blazers in neutral tones can add a sophisticated look to your mini-skirt outfit. And if you’re wanting to keep it casual, consider pairing a denim mini with sneakers such as Nike Air Max.

Woman in a grey plaid mini skirt and white sneakers

Cropped Jackets and Blazers

Cropped jackets and blazers are here to stay for a while, and that’s good news when designing outfits to fit any season. Consider adding two or three blazers in vibrant colors to your closet and mix and match your outfits for different looks. This year’s trend in fashion is blooming big with vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, blue and purple. And nothing seems to be off-limits when it comes to this year’s vibrant color wheel, so go bold and feel good about it.

Wanting a neutral and classic look? Try a blazer with a pleated front in black, white, ivory or beige. This look can take you from the office to an evening dinner without the need for a wardrobe change. And if you want to dress it down, try wearing it with denim and comfortable shoes. 

Woman sitting on stoop wearing denim and a blazer

Sweats With Style

This fashion trend is one of the most versatile trends you’ll see and it’s here to stay. Sweats are available in many fabrics and styles including velour that can be dressed up or paired with sneakers for a casual style that’s suitable for a night out. No matter what the occasion, sweats can be transformed into a hip outfit when paired with the right top. 

Consider wearing a long, button-down shirt over your sweats or add an oversized hoodie for relaxed and cozy attire. A patterned sweater can also be paired with sweats for a chic look. You’ll have fun mixing and matching your wardrobe with sweats, so consider adding a few pairs to this year’s must-have wardrobe essentials.

Here are a few ways to dress up your sweats:

  • Add jewelry to dress up your outfit.
  • Choose fitted sweatpants for a more polished look.
  • Pair your sweatpants with a trendy blazer or stylish coat.
  • Choose fabrics such as velvet or velour for a classy look.
  • Wear heels with your sweats or choose flats such as ankle boots or sneakers.
woman wearing sweatpants with style

Setting Fashion Trends in 2022

Consider the aforementioned fashion trends that you can enjoy year-round and have fun mixing and matching your outfits. Get the wardrobe essentials you need to set your style this year and make sure you’ve got a good pair of sneakers for those casual days in addition to boots and heels. Go bold with color and enjoy these fashion trends all year.

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