Biking In the City During Quarantine: Rules & Regulations

Posted April 22, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman riding bike

Physical activity is very important for your health. Only 30 to 60 minutes per day can boost your immune system. And this is what you need the most. However, you might find it difficult to do this during the quarantine. Riding a bike is an excellent physical activity, suitable for both kids and adults. It can keep you in good physical shape, while most of the time you will stay at your home. If you don’t own one, then now is the right time to check some city bike for sale.

If you are sick, then you must be responsible. Act according to the rules and self-isolate. This goes for the ones that have been in contact with a person tested positive. Some people won’t develop symptoms of the sickness, but will still be contagious and can pass the virus to others. However, healthy individuals are allowed to go out. But, you should take some protective measures.

Also, you must check up with the current restrictions implemented by the local authorities. If you want to enjoy bike riding during quarantine, keep these tips in mind: 

biking during quarantine

Keep Distance

There is no strict prohibition that regulates riding a bike outside. Same as with other activities, you should keep a safe distance. If you still want to enjoy riding bike, go completely alone. Pick a secluded place that is not crowded. Or at least, go there at the time when others don’t. It is recommended that you keep a distance from others. You might keep distant with a group, but there is a risk of an asymptomatic person spreading the virus to the others. 

Another thing that you should remember is not to spit. The liquid contains mucus, which can contain the virus if you are infected. Also, avoid touching any surfaces outside. If you do have to touch something, make sure that you don’t touch your mouth, nose, or eyes afterward. 

Wearing a mask might not be mandatory in your state, but most states have said you must wear them in public indoor places (like grocery stores and other essential businesses), however outside may be different for you. Here in California, it’s mandatory to wear one outside. Same goes for NYC. 

Check your Bike

Even the best city cruiser bikes might fail sometimes. That’s why you must check your bike before you go. You don’t want your fave bike to fail you, so check the tires, brakes, seat, and chain.

And make sure that you have a hand sanitizer in your basket!

Keep Updated

You might be limited to the time that you can be outside. There might be certain time restrictions, so make sure that you check this before going out. The situation changes from day to day, so it is very important to keep updated. Local authorities can change the rules at any moment, so check often. Some things can be forbidden even the next day, so check twice before you step out with the best lightweight bikes

Different states might have different regulations, so check with local authorities and public health regulations before you go out. Stay safe! COVID-19 is no joke and we all need to take it seriously.