Body Piercing Jewelry Best Sellers and New Arrivals

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Almost 50% of young people are getting into body piercings, or piercings other than earrings! However, it can be pricey to get a selection of body piercing jewelry. It can be even pricier to get quality items.

Quality items are essential to avoid infection and allergic reactions. In addition, the fashion-conscious are always trying to expand their collection to stretch gauges, match different outfits, and keep a good rotation of styles. If you’ve ever tried to build a jewelry collection, you know how quickly it can add up.

Luckily, with a bit of savvy shopping at Body Piercing Jewelry, you can build your collection without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in their selection of good quality, affordable, and best-selling fine jewelry for body piercings, read on!

Where to Buy Body Piercing Jewelry

Finding jewelry for a body piercing can be difficult. Most large jewelry shops don’t offer wide selections as they do for earrings. In addition, there are lots of shops that offer low-quality jewelry that can cause more complications (and cost more money).

Incentivized by cheap prices, many shoppers purchase low-quality piercing jewelry. When dealing with body piercings, quality is essential. Cheap metals won’t just be sitting on your skin, but they’ll also be going into your skin.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the green tint left behind on your skin after wearing a cheap necklace or ring. This is caused by copper, a cheap metal used in lots of cheap jewelry. The same copper that causes a green ring on your finger will cause an allergic reaction or infection in your piercing.

Other common culprits for infection are nickel, tin, brass, and zinc. Not only can they cause you harm, but they won’t last and you’ll end up spending more to replace them.

Body Pierce Jewelry provides a selection of high-quality body piercing jewelry online. While remaining affordable, they provide many styles and categories of body piercing jewelry. Their pieces will last, won’t cause infection, and won’t irritate your skin.

The Best Picks at Body Pierce Jewelry 

There are several new arrivals and best-sellers that caught our eye as top picks for fine jewelry body piercing. If you’re not sure what size to get, they have a handy body piercing and ear gauge size chart

Woman with ear gauges and a half shaved head.

Ear Gauges 

If you have gauges in your ears and want to stretch them more, you how difficult it can be to keep expanding your plugs. Body Pierce offers plugs and tunnels for ear gauges of any size. 

We love their classic tunnels available in both black and semi-precious stones like tiger eye. They cost about $6 and keep your gauge looking sleek and elegant. You can also hang weights from them to stretch your gauges. 

Facial Piercings

If you have facial piercings, it’s important to keep them fresh and beautiful, as they impact your first impression! Change it up with some unique rings and barbells.

Opals are stunning stones that can be found in several shades. For example, they offer some stunning opal septum rings in white, pink, and blue tones. These eye-catching stones are different colors from different angles, creating a shimmering rainbow look.

Body Jewelry

Sterling silver is a great choice for necklaces, bracelets, and rings, as it’s affordable and won’t cause any reactions.

However, it’s actually not a great choice for piercings. It can cause an allergic reaction in newer piercings, which is why most body piercing shops don’t offer it for fresh piercings. Usually, shops only offer gold and surgical steel. 

Gold is one of the most expensive metals available, but surgical steel is a great choice for ear, eyebrow, belly button, and other body piercings. It won’t cause any irritation, discolor, rust, or tarnish. In addition, it looks crisp and expensive while still costing under $10 (on average).

In addition, cubic zirconia is a synthesized gemstone that is low cost and incredibly durable. To the naked eye, it is indistinguishable from a diamond. It’s a great choice for body jewelry and earrings that look expensive but are instead low-cost and high-quality! 

We can’t stop looking at their surgical steel and cubic zirconia belly button barbels. They have a variety of designs, colors, and even some that have a small ring so you can add dangles of your choice! Best of all, they all cost less than $8.

Non-Piercing Body Jewelry

Some of the best sellers at Body Pierce are actually necklaces and bracelets.

They offer sterling silver lockets with cubic zirconia stones for under $30. This pick makes it easy to keep photos of your family and loved ones close to heart with all the classic, vintage charm of a locket. Lockets and other cubic zirconia necklaces are great gifts for significant others, siblings, and more.  

Their sterling silver is nickel and lead-free and guaranteed hypoallergenic for both kids and adults. They offer a selection of crosses, and guardian bracelets for kids. You can rest assured that any necklaces you give to children won’t cause any irritation or adverse reactions!

Explore the Body Pierce Jewelry Store Today

These picks are just the beginning of what’s available on Body Pierce Jewelry. They have a wide selection so you’re guaranteed to find quality affordable pieces that match your aesthetic. In addition, the materials won’t cause any reactions or infections.

And if you’re not completely satisfied, they offer 90 days warranty so you can exchange them with their top-notch customer service. These are all reasons that Body Pierce is one of our top picks for body jewels.

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