Boxing Bags—What To Consider When Buying One?

Posted October 17, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman boxing using a boxing bag

Have you ever considered purchasing a punching bag to put in your home? You don’t have to be an aspiring boxer in order to enjoy the benefits of boxing as physical activity. Practicing this sport at least a few times per week is beneficial for developing self-defense techniques, alleviating stress, improving one’s hand-eye coordination, and well-being.

Boxing enthusiasts have no reason to worry when it comes to workout space, as punching bags can hang from the ceiling, be secured to a wall, or mounted on the ground. 

These are the main factors to consider when purchasing one:


Most fitness enthusiasts are pleasantly surprised by the variety of punching bag types in the market but, at the same time, baffled when it comes to making a choice. Probably the model you have in mind when thinking of yourself as a boxer is a heavy bag. These variants are in the shape of a cylinder, usually hanging from ceilings and secured with a rope or chain. They weigh a minimum of thirty pounds to a maximum of two hundred pounds, which is why shoppers are supposed to test the strength of their ceilings prior to the purchase. 

Moreover, heavy bags are considered most suitable for amateur boxers who wish to polish up their punching technique, as well as for cardio workouts. In order to purchase the right-sized model, make sure you choose one that is half of your weight. 

Speed bags are the right choice for individuals looking to boost the speed of their punches. Consequently, these models need to be much smaller and lighter, hence filled with air instead of cloth or sand. Despite the low level of resistance, they’re excellent for improving one’s timing, shoulder strength, physical endurance, and hand-eye coordination. Such models can also serve as great tools for aerobic exercise. 

Free-standing bags are perhaps the most convenient model, as these aren’t supposed to hang from the ceiling in order for people to use them. Instead, they are secured to a heavy base, filled with sand or water. Nowadays, there is a wide range of punch bags that are free standing, used for practicing sparring and martial arts. These variants provide an excellent convenience in terms of portability and installation, as users can reposition them easily. 

Ultimately, double-end boxing bags are known to be the most effective for developing reflexes. This piece of equipment is stationary, as it’s not only fastened to the ceiling but the floor as well. Owing to the wide range of motion, it’s an adequate alternative for amateur boxers that prepare for a fight with real opponents. 

Surface material

After opting for a type that suits your training and space requirements, it’s time to choose the right outer material. You can either purchase a boxing bag made from leather or one made from synthetic material like rip stop vinyl and canvas. Needless to say, the leather models are at the top of the price range. 

Given the high cost of genuine leather, the surface of punching bags is rarely produced from this material. Nevertheless, a model of real leather doesn’t only provide an elegant appearance but also better comfort and durability. Since not many shoppers can afford to purchase a real leather model, manufacturers offer counterparts of synthetic leather, which is similar in appearance but not even close to the quality of the genuine fabric. 

Moreover, amateur boxers can purchase such a piece of boxing equipment made from synthetic material like vinyl or nylon. Although these fabrics aren’t as durable as leather, these are adequate for damp places due to their incredible resistance to mould. Additionally, canvas boxing bags are undoubtedly the lowest-quality variants in the market, but they are suitable for individuals who can’t afford to purchase a costly model. 

Fill material

Besides the outer material, one is also supposed to choose the right kind of fill. The material inside the punching bag is of essential importance for the overall weight, firmness, and price. Generally, the largest part of models are pre-filled, but some of them are supposed to be filled by the owner. 

For instance, sand is believed to be the most suitable fill material for people looking for maximal weight. It isn’t adequate for humid spaces, as dampness tends to change its texture. Otherwise, sand isn’t troublesome for cleaning in the event of leakage. Make sure you visit this URL for some useful tips about filling a punching bag. 

Another common fill material is water, making water-filled models both safe and convenient to use. In contrast, the air-filled variants are susceptible to deflating, thus requiring boxers to re-inflate them regularly. As previously mentioned, the air is the most convenient fill material for speed and double-end models.

Finally, the textile is yet another popular fill, mainly because it causes no extreme strain on the wrists of boxers. The textile-filled variants consist of shredded rags, which are soft and lightweight. Due to the extreme lightness, a couple of tiny sandbags have to be added so as to increase the overall weight. As long as the sandbags are placed adequately, you won’t be prone to hand injuries. Besides the ready-made boxing bags, you can order a customized model filled with a specific fabric like denim. No matter what type of boxing bag you choose, it’s important to have one in order to practice your technique and stay in shape; don’t wait any longer – invest in a quality boxing bag and get ready to start training!

After investing in such a piece of equipment, many people fall in love with boxing. The benefits are surprising!