Bright French Manicure Ideas to Try This Spring

Posted February 16, 2022 by in Beauty

French nail art was originally called the “natural look”. The key idea of this manicure is a universal nail design, suitable for any outfit and event. Now there are many creative ideas on how to add flavor to a French manicure and make your look even more fashionable.

Hollywood celebrities are the main French manicure enthusiasts especially when it comes to appearances on the red carpet. The classic version is when a nail plate is covered with beige or soft pink nail polish, the tip of which is painted white, in the form of a crescent.

If you think that a classic design is boring and you’re craving some fresh ideas, consider some of the French Manicures below.:

Colorful French Manicure: Immerse Yourself Into Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment:

  • Draw a yellow, crimson or turquoise ‘smile’ line on the delicate peach coating of the plate
  • Paint the tips of the nails with different colors
  • Combine contrasting or similar shades of base and ‘smile’ line
  • The tips of nails in French manicure can be shifted slightly and covered with a gradient.
Pink french manicure

A New Take on the Classic French Manicure for a Wedding

The bridal French manicure is designed to bring out the delicate and ethereal image of the bride and it’s also a wedding classic. If you want to stick with tradition, but want to add something more to make your mani pop, consider the below:

  • Rhinestones
  • Stamping, matching the color of a ‘smile’ line
  • Floral prints and monograms
  • Pearls
  • A bright accent on the ring finger
Bride with French Manicure

Add Some Black

You can leave the classic beige base and make the tip of the nail a matte black — it looks austere yet original. The festive design can be enhanced with rhinestones, glitter and gold ribbon.

You want to look even more extraordinarily? Paint the base with black, leave the tips of the nails dotted with shimmer and add a bright pattern or “smile” in neon shades.

Red in a French Manicure: Challenge the Ordinary

Another bold idea for those who like to be in the spotlight is the use of a rich palette of red hues. If you’re worried about making too much of a statement, consider just a thin line of red instead.

How to Use Matte Polish

Matte nail polish adds extra charm to your outfit. Your nail artist can combine it with glossy nail polishes, use contrasting shades, add decorative elements that look especially beautiful on a plate without any glitter.

Velvety nail sand and French tip ombre technique looks glamorous. Metallic stripes and rhinestones can make your nail look more attractive.

Shimmer, Glitter or Chrome Powder?

Go for shiny elements you like the most:

  • Fine shimmer looks delicate on the tips
  • Glitter can make an accent on one nail or on all nails, if you want to create a festive outfit
  • Large particles of mermaid chrome powder is a great base for a French manicure

A French manicure allows you to choose from the many design ideas by outstanding manicurists. It looks great on any nail shape and emphasizes your good taste.

You can find plenty of examples of French nail art in the photo gallery of FINE ADVISER. Here you can check out interesting ideas and even find a nail artist to make them come true.

French manicures are always stylish and feminine. Feel free to experiment with shades, add decorative elements and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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