Bring Order to the Bathroom Chaos with Bath Vanities

Posted September 14, 2021 by in Home

The various recent bathroom trends revolving around creating stress-free zones and invoking oasis-like tranquillity and appeal have only been intensified with the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason for this is the increased need for an escape from the daily anxiety from spending days in fear of the unknown during lockdowns and quarantines.

What this means is should you wish to adopt the trend, you’d easily come across different sources you can use as inspiration – from design mags to blogs and TV shows. I’m aware, as of last year, things haven’t been that great for many of us regarding finances, and maybe as you’re reading this you find yourself thinking bathroom upgrades are the least of your worries right now.

The great news is you don’t have to splurge on this makeover to be able to pull off the wanted result. The secret lies in discovering what’s essential for all those inspirational bathrooms you see in the media. Ready for the big reveal? It all comes down to how harmonious they are, manifested in the form of noteworthy organization. This leads us to the multifaceted bath vanity – the main role in the bathroom sans clutter makeover story!

Vanity, Thy Moniker is Order

There’s a reason why you’re inclined to greatly evaluate bathrooms of opulent hotels and spas – they’re literally chaos-free since everything is in its own place, there’s no mess. The easiest and most affordable way you can incorporate this order into your own sanctuary is through welcoming the suitable vanity.

Sure, a bathroom can do without one, but if you want to embody the harmony and tranquillity of the relaxing oasis you so long for, it’s the furniture piece that’s made for it. It carries such a role that it can significantly and effortlessly transform your mundane utility room.

And yet, it’s often overlooked when opposed to other fixtures and fittings, like the luxurious and stylish bathtubs, the functional showers, the toilet suite, or even the popular bath basins. So, while it might not be the bare necessity, and you can simply get a pedestal or wall-hung basin without one, it’s certainly the kind of luxury you want and need when it comes to bringing order to your bathroom. Don’t even get me started on the utmost comfort it brings about too!

Still, to keep things practical, spotless, neat, and tidy, you must have an adequate bath vanity, and let’s face it, with all the wide range available in the homeware stores, choosing the proper design can be quite the struggle. Well, that’s only true for those who don’t know where to start shopping. If this is your case, fret not, this blog post is for you. Just read on and you’ll find out what goes into finding your missing piece of the clutter-free puzzle!

Covering the Basics of Vanities

If you want nothing to go amiss, you must have eyes like a hawk. Refrain from falling only for the aesthetics of a piece, and make sure you examine every single detail (even the smallest!) to guarantee no unpleasant surprises in the form of extra costs come your way.

Before moving on to shopping for bathroom vanities based on the material, style, and colour, it’s crucial to consider basic aspects in the example of design, bathroom layout, as well as plumbing. All of these work together for the sake of the functionality of your personal oasis.


While it’s the style that gets most of the attention, the design shouldn’t be overlooked either when taking its importance into account. What’s to know about a vanity’s design? Along with having its size in mind, which is related to the layout, you’d have to choose this piece of furniture based on the type which is related to the plumbing.

Types you can pick from include the more modern floating, and wall-mounted design, and the traditional, i.e. freestanding type. And of course, there’s the decision between single and double sink.


Whether or not your chosen fancy bath vanity would be functional, or be in the way, depends on its size. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online or from brick-and-mortar stores, you have to know the design’s measurements prior to deciding to invite it to your sanctuary.

What this means is, in addition to checking the size, you’d also have to measure up your bathroom to determine the ideal numbers. This is where considering other details, such as the shape and the drawers, plus their opening and closing mechanism comes in handy too.

To make sure you don’t cram your bathroom, especially if it’s on the smaller side, you can’t pick a bulkier design even if it’s at the expense of the storage. The same goes for your long-desired double sink – if you want to get more countertop space for your light up vanity mirror, you might have to settle for a single one.

As long as you find the best spot for the vanity in the room, where it doesn’t interfere with the traffic area, the toilet suite, or the bathroom door, you can be certain of having a functional layout. There are some popular bathroom floor plans you can use as inspiration.


On that note, the location also depends on your existing plumbing. If you don’t want to find yourself in a bigger makeover than you planned on, you’d have to install the vanity of choice where your plumbing is. There’s another important aspect to cover here, though: whether or not you want the plumbing to be out of sight.

If you’ve got eyes for compact and sleek floating bathroom vanity units, that make cleanliness piece of cake, you should first inquire if the plumbing allows for such an addition in your oasis. In case it’s positioned low, and the vanity is to be installed higher, you’d be in for a costlier transformation than you bargained for.

Moving on to the Extras

Once you’ve covered the said basics, you can move on to the extra aspects that have their role in durability and aesthetics respectively. This includes the bath vanity and countertop materials, and of course, the style and colours.


You can’t think you’re done with the technicalities unless you also cover the materials. Since the bathroom is one of the most humid areas of the home, you have to be careful with your choice if you want something that can withstand wear and tear, as well as the test of time.

Though it might sound a big no-no, solid wood is in fact one of your best options of quality bathroom cabinets. Two moisture-resistant choices you have the green light on are oak and teak, famous for their beauty and timelessness. The same can be said about ceramic tile for the countertop, which is far more low-maintenance than some high-end picks, in the likes of marble, quartz, and granite.


Finally, we’ve come to the part which interests most shoppers. Vanities are the type of furniture that keeps up the pace with trends, so the latest ultra-modern options focus on minimalist beauty with sleek lines, unlike the more classic and traditional ornate counterparts.

What this means is there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget, however, if you want to make the décor of your oasis trend-proof, it might be best to avoid the latest odd shapes and materials which may or may not remain in style. Last but not least, don’t forget to include the colour in your decision either, using the other bathroom features as your guiding points.

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