How to Perfect Your Manifestation Skills

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You did what they said and you played by the rules. And yet, you don’t have the life you want. Sound familiar? 

Instead of following society’s rules or your parents’ advice, how about trusting the rules of the universe? After all, there are plenty of people out there proving everyone wrong and creating their own realities every day. Manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, And you can stop manifesting debt and financial troubles by learning how to manifest using paper and pen.

When you place your faith in the universe, there are no limitations on what you can achieve. This Manifestation Coach from AU suggests to harness your manifestation skills if you want to turn your dreams into reality.

Keep reading to find out how to manifest anything!

Ask the Universe for Something Specific

The universe wants to help you, but you’ve got to make your manifestations specific to avoid leaving things up to chance. 

You don’t just want to manifest an apartment, you want a two-bedroom riverside apartment for under $1,200 a month. Like this example, always focus on what attributes you want (rather than what you don’t want) for optimal manifesting. 

With a clear idea of your desires, ask the universe for them at least once a day to amplify your message. You can manifest through visualization, prayer, meditation, vision boards, or by writing a letter to the universe.

You can manifest through visualization, prayer, meditation, vision boards, or by writing a letter to the universe. You can visit to learn more tricks about improving your manifestation skills.

Work Toward Your Goal

Manifesting involves you and the universe working together in co-creation. For each of your goals, list the actions that can do to achieve them. Narrow these down to three things you can do today to help bring you closer to your goal and do them. 

Action helps you move forward and shows your commitment. Keep taking action and the universe will keep listening. 

Trust the Process

Doubting or questioning the manifestation process is like asking the universe to prove it doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction responds to this negativity by blocking your potential to achieve your goals. 

Successful manifesting requires unwavering faith in the process. If doubt starts to creep in, tell yourself that the universe has your back and it’s helping you get closer to your goals every day. 

Acknowledge the Signs 

Another way to silence your doubts is to acknowledge the signs the universe sends your way. In doing so, you’re confirming to the universe that you’re receiving its messages. And as a result, you’ll get more of what you want.

Acknowledge these signs at the end of each day by writing down evidence that you’re moving closer to your goal. For example, if your goal is to learn Spanish, discovering a great new Spanish podcast or meeting your new Spanish-speaking colleague are both evidence. 

Stay Positive and Avoid Resistance 

You attract what you send out, so make sure to tune your signal to a positive frequency. You can do this by spending at least 10 minutes a day doing something that brings you pure joy. Whether that’s a hot bubble bath or playing with your dog, take pleasure in these moments. This will keep your vibrations high and block out the resistances, such as fear, resentment, or anxiety, that can take over. 

When you feel resistance coming, acknowledge it, then relax and let it go. And in its place, invite positivity back into your life. 

Start Perfecting Your Manifestation Skills

Doubt and negativity have no place in the manifestation process so it’s time to put those aside and trust in the universe. And now you know how to manifest, all you need to do is decide what you want!

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