Broke and Boujee: How to Serve and Taste Caviar

Posted September 23, 2019 by in Lifestyle

These salted sturgeon eggs have an ancient origin. It is said that the Egyptians enjoyed it around 2400 B.C. But it was in the 18th century when it was named “royal fish” by King Edward II of England. And then in the nineteenth century in the United States, caviar was served with drinks.

Today, caviar is still synonymous with luxury and is increasingly expensive and scarce. Therefore, the best way to serve caviar is important. The regulation says that, to be authentic, it can only come from four species of sturgeon – Beluga and Osetra, the most famous – and that they must be raised sustainably, since in several countries their hunting has been prohibited.

How to serve caviar? If you have a caviar on your hands for a special occasion and want to delight yourself, you should keep these tips in mind:

How to Serve and Taste Caviar

Keep It Cold

Caviar should be served cold and never at room temperature. This is the main key tip on how to serve caviar appetizers. Eat caviar after it has been completely cooled and serve it cold or even on an ice plate to maintain its temperature. Always keep it refrigerated at 4 ° C. And if you want to eat it alone, serve it at 7 ° C on crushed ice flakes, in a glass or glass bowl.

Use the Right Utensils

Caviar should never be served with plates or forks of steel or stainless steel, as this can change the taste and make it bitter or give it a metallic taste. Eat and serve the caviar with ceramic, glass or plastic utensils to preserve the flavor.

Try Various Types of Caviar

Caviar comes in many varieties and each one of them tastes a little different. Try different types of caviar to find one that suits your personal range of flavors. Don’t be discouraged if the first piece you taste doesn’t taste good.

Take Small Bites

Caviar must be served and consumed in smaller quantities than a tablespoon. The traditional label indicates eating caviar in small bites, and if you are learning to eat, small bites will help you experience the taste more fully without becoming overwhelmed by the taste or texture.

The first bite should be about three grams of caviar, which is about half a spoon. This is important to get used to the palate. Already in the second bite you can eat a full tablespoon (approximately seven grams). Play with the pearls in the mouth to achieve a greater expression of flavors.

Accompany It With Cookies

Caviar is often served in crackers without salt or bread, or in small traditional Russian pancakes called blini. Eating caviar with these accompaniments will improve the taste. Keep in mind that caviar does not crush, it is deposited on toast, slice or cookie.

Garnish the Caviar

Consume caviar with some of the traditional ornaments, which include fresh herbs such as parsley or dill, sour cream, or a splash of lemon juice. Eating with these dressings will improve your experience by consuming it. Avoid dressings that are too strong or too acidic.

Serve the Entire Container

Caviar is sold in small containers intended to be consumed in one serving. Eat or serve the caviar container and do not store what is left over. Keeping it open will change its flavor and make it spoil quickly. You can find many ways to serve caviar but one thing for sure, you must keep it close.

Use It as an Appetizer

It is intended to be consumed as a snack or as a side dish to accompany a larger meal, not the main course. Keep this in mind when eating or serving caviar, because making a complete caviar meal would be expensive and would probably negatively affect your tasting experience.

The great experts in caviar indicate that the one of good quality should not be too salty nor should it taste too fishy, it should be very round and not very large balls. The balls should be whole, bright and taste fine on the palate. Hopefully, after reading this article now you have known how to serve caviar correctly.

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