Broke Fashion: 10 Pairs of Cropped Denim under $40

Posted March 14, 2017 by in Fashion

I was on Refinery29 today (as one does on a snow day) and I saw an article that made me roll my eyes — big time! It was titled My Favorite Jeans Cost Less Than $80. I have no idea why I clicked it, but I did. My original eye roll was validated:

and they’re just $75 at Topshop.

Here’s what I thought after reading that line. “Does this writer honestly believes $75 is cheap for an article of clothing.” I’m not going to lie, I do have a pair of Topshop jeans that I love, but I would never tell my readers that they’re affordable. $75 is a lot of money, and I bought them because they made my butt look good. But I have a pair of  Old Navy jeans that also make my butt look good. They were $24. My $4o jeans from Urban Outfitters? Butt still lookin’ fly.

The author could have angled that article to be a little less elitist. Here’s another line in the article:

And if $75 seems like a lot to you, let’s just remember that it’s pocket change compared to the $1,460 or $565 price tags for similar styles also on the market.

Pocket change?! What sane person is spending $1,460 on a pair of jeans? Trust fund or not, that’s a lot of money. Now the jeans in question are not a normal pair of skinnies — they’re cropped wide-leg jeans. They look super cute on her, too! But I think they give off a boyfriend/mom jean vibe and you don’t need to spend $75 to get that. You can, but it’s not a requirement.

If you do find a pair of jeans that are $75 (or more) that you love, you should totally buy them if you have the money. If you don’t have $75 to spend on cropped denim at the moment, consider one of the looks below that are actually affordable. They’re perfect for spring, too!

I have a love/hate relationship with Refinery29; sometimes they’re woke af, but other times I feel they are the publication for the privileged white girl who lives in a Manhattan bubble. What are your thoughts?

  • calamityjanedoe March 17, 2017 at 2:31 AM


    Even if I came straight out of the womb and slept in a crib made out of gold bars, I still would never spend 1k on a simple pair of jeans. For that price, those jeans better wash themselves and help me do the dishes.