An Affordable Wednesday Addams Costume for Halloween

Posted October 23, 2020 by in Fashion
Wednesday Addams Costume

Halloween is right around the corner. While none of us will be having the Halloween we thought we would have, there are still ways to have fun.

That could simply be staying home and watching a scary movie with your family, or dressing up with your roommates and sharing a bottle of wine and some takeout in the park. I personally wanted to still go all out, so I decide to dress up as Wednesday Addams the other day to take some cosplay photos…just to get myself in the Halloween spirit.

October is my favorite month, but it’s my first time experiencing this time of year in Los Angeles (I moved here from the East Coast back in February) and it has been hot. It’s not easy getting into the Halloween spirit when it’s literally 90 degrees outside. Add in the whirlwind that has been 2020? I’m talking about you COVID-19! 🤬

Anyway, here’s an affordable Wednesday Addams costume for Halloween 2020:

how to affordably be Wednesday Addams for Halloween.

Makeup and Hair

I already had everything I needed (and you most likely do, too). I just did a heavy smokey eye using black, white, grey, and purple eyeshadows. I finished off my eyes with a cat-eye and a ton of mascara.

Instead of going out to buy black lipstick, I literally lined and colored in my lips with my black eyeliner. I then put on some chapstick and dark burgundy lipstick and blended it.

To finish off the look, I did Wednesday’s classic braids. I was thinking about ordering a black braided wig due to my blonde hair, but decided against it.

Wednesday Addams makeup look
Cosplay Wednesday Addams Halloween 2020

Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams is always depicted wearing a grey or black dress with a white collar. I found my dress on Amazon for only $24.99. You can order yours here—however it’s out of stock until after Halloween, so here are some other options that you would get in time:

I already owned a pair of black fishnet tights, but you can find those on Amazon as well for less than $20. I love the Capezio fishnet tights since they’re super durable.

I already owned the boots, and guess what? They were a thrift find! I found them at a thrift store when I was living in Sweden. They are my absolute favorite! Any pair of black boots or flats will do for your Wednesday Addams costume. Combat boots would also work.

Not only did I have fun doing my makeup and getting dressed up for my Wednesday Addams Halloween costume, I had so much fun editing my photos using Quickshot. It’s $5.99 a month (or $19.99 a year) and you’re able to change the sky…how cool is this?

Wednesday Addams Halloween using Quickshot to edit photo

Quickshot edit app using sky feature for Wednesday Addams cosplay look for Halloween.

I also did this edit:

Wednesday Addams cosplay costume

Taking and editing these photos added so much joy to my week. I love Halloween, and this was a way to still have fun and have the Halloween Spirit without having to worry about being around a lot of people.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Amanda Raye Scozzafava