Broke Fashion: Enjoying a Sunny Day in Örebro, Sweden

Posted September 13, 2019 by in Fashion/ Street Style

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I moved to Sweden back in August. If not, surprise! I moved to Sweden. More specifically, a charming little city called Örebro. It’s about 2.5 hours west of Stockholm. It’s quite easy to get around by bike, and I’m only about two miles from the cute city center.

Since I’m not in a major city (aka, a tourist destination), I kind of stand out. This is not a city that is used to Latinas from New York City😂. My style is very much New York, but I’m slowly but surely adding some pieces to my wardrobe that are super trendy here in Sweden. While the outfit I’m wearing below is not in-line with the traditional Swedish fashion trends, I had to snap a few photos in front of the Örebro castle.

This medieval castle is in the middle of the city center; I have yet to be inside (I will buy a ticket for a tour soon), but the outside is stunning. I have a thing for architecture…the older the better. To see my New Yorker in Sweden vibe while I shopped in the city center, keep scrolling.

plus size fashion in Sweden

Plus size fashion in Orebro Sweden

I’m obsessed with my jeans. They are the best fitting jeans (at an affordable price) that I have ever tried on. They were only SEK 299.00 (about $31 USD). Honestly, if you ever go to Sweden, make an effort to go to a Gina Tricot store and purchase these Molly Highwaist Jeans. You won’t regret it! My best friend (she’s my roommate here and I’ve known her for over 10 years) has the same pair and they look amazing on her, too. She’s also quite taller than me and the jeans work on both of us. Magic pants? I think yes!

street style trends in sweden

My graphic tee is also from Gina Tricot. See…I am starting to add some Swedish flare to my look! I just go all New Yorker with my black sneakers. Everyone is all about white sneakers here.

Street style in Örebro Sweden

Did you like my look? Shop it below:

Have you ever been to Sweden?