Broke Fashion: I Can No Longer Live Without My Rattan Bag

Posted July 1, 2020 by in Fashion/ Shopping/ Street Style
Rattan Bags

I officially moved to Los Angeles back in February. I called New York City home for over eight years, but it was time for a change. While NYC will always have my heart, I’m falling more and more in love with the the City of Angels every single day.

The largest deciding factor for this move was better weather. I grew up in New England, lived in Richmond, VA for four years, and then moved to Manhattan immediately after, so I’ve only lived in cold places. I was over it! I know once October hits, I’m going to miss that crisp fall weather, but that’s why I love it here in California. If I drive just 40 miles north, that crisp cool air is there, even now, in July.

I went hiking in the San Gabriel mountains early June, and guess what? It was 38 degrees and there was snow at the summit! If I start to miss cooler weather, or I want to see fall foliage, I’m only a short drive away from it. How cool is that?

Anyway, I love summer so very much, and here, it’s summer 24/7. Since I always lived in areas where there were four seasons, my wardrobe has always been organized into a set of four. Winter clothes, spring clothes, summer clothes, and fall clothes. Out of those four sets of attire, my summer wardrobe has always been my favorite. I just love wearing pretty skirts and sandals!

affordable rattan bag

affordable wicker purse

Before my official move to Los Angeles, I was here last spring and found the most amazing rattan bag at the Melrose Trading Post. This rattan bag is now my go-to purse for warm weather—it goes with everything! Isn’t it perfect?

This specific bag was purchased at the Vagusla booth at the Melrose Trading Post. Due to the pandemic, it’s closed for the time being, but Vagusla does sell them online (via Etsy) for only $40. That’s such a great price for a bag that was handmade in Bali.

rattan bags under $40

If you’re loving the aesthetic of the rattan bag, below are some that are under $40. Believe me, it’ll be your go-to bag all summer long. Plus, you’ll get constant compliments. I definitely do!

Rattan Bags Under $40


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