Budget-Friendly Outfits Inspired by Stranger Things Season 3

Posted July 11, 2019 by in Fashion/ Shopping
Budget-Friendly Outfits Inspired by Stranger Things Season 3

I’m strange (no pun intended), I have never been a fan of TV shows, especially those that end in a suspenseful way that make you want to watch the next episode, then the next, and so on. TV shows like that tend to stress me out in a way that is a bit too draining for me when I’m trying to wind down. Instead, I like watching shows where each episode ends in a way that makes me feel good; or ends with some sort of resolve. Shows like Law and Order, Bob’s Burgers, Friends, Seinfeld, and South Park (guilty).

I also spent an entire summer binge watching five seasons of Desperate Housewives. I think it was the summer of 2009, and I literally wasted my whole entire summer. I felt so guilty that I decided to avoid shows that suck you in like that. Then a few years back, all my co-workers started talking about Stranger Things, so I gave it a try one night. I arrived to work the next day with dark circles under my eyes and needing a venti cold brew and some Red Bull. Yes, I watched all eight episodes of Stranger Things season 1 in a single evening. Not my finest moment, but I was hooked.

When Stranger Things season 2 came out, I broke it up between two evenings, four episodes one night, and four episodes the next. I was still exhausted at work, but so worth it. I was actually devastated to learn that season 3 wasn’t going to be released on Halloween like the other seasons. What do adults even do on Halloween? Especially when it lands on a week night! I felt Netflix solved that problem, but nope. July 4th, 2019.

I currently have three more episodes of Stranger Things season 3 to complete. I like it, but I do feel like it’s going slower than the past two seasons. Now you may be thinking I’m about to go and review it. I’m not (don’t worry), instead, I want to talk about the fashion. Stranger Things takes place in the early 80’s, a truly amazing time period fashion wise. A lot of the looks that became popular during that time are still popular today; high-wasted denim, abstract prints, crop tops, long blazers, and sweetheart tops. Into it! My sister was a kid during the early 80’s and I have always been obsessed with all of those family photos of her and my cousins. Their outfits are just dope. I was born in 1988, so I’m a 90’s kid.

Because I have always had a soft spot for early 80’s fashion, I decided to wear an outfit inspired by the new Stranger Things season. My outfit is a modern take of the popular stripe shirt trend from the early 80’s.

Budget-Friendly Outfits Inspired by Stranger Things Season 3

Budget-Friendly Outfits Inspired by Stranger Things Season 3

I also couldn’t resist having a little fun with my makeup as well. I mean, how rad was Mrs. Wheeler’s makeup in the first few episodes?! Mrs. Wheeler even went swimming and it didn’t even move — those oil based cosmetics from the 80’s must have been good.

Hair and Makeup Inspired by Stranger Things Season 3

Did you like my Stranger Things inspired outfit? If so, below are some pieces inspired by Stranger Things season 3. I mean? El’s abstract prints, Will’s striped shirts, and Nancy’s sling-back kitten heels…I just can’t get enough. All of the looks below are under $80!

What do you think of the clothes inspired by Stranger Things? Think you would ever rock looks inspired by the early 80’s? Let us know in the comments below!