Broke Fashion: Meet Michelle — A Blogger Who Knows How To Look Expensive on a Budget

Posted September 18, 2012 by in Fashion

Meet Michelle Cabrera, a New York-based fashion blogger who knows how to look expensive on a budget. Love her style just as much as we do? Follow her adventures on her wonderful blog Mademoiselle Michelle!


  • Tank: $5.99 H&M
  • Faux Leather Shorts: $24.95 H&M
  • Sandals: $8.99 Forever 21
  • Jewelry: Thrift and ASOS

We loved how Michelle paired budget clothes (from both wallet-friendly retailers and thrift stores) with pricier shoes. In the end, shoes will always be one of your most important articles of clothing — plus she’s a New Yorker, and us New Yorkers need to spend a little extra dough on our shoes, considering how much we walk.

What was your favorite outfit of Michelle’s? Tell us in the comments below!

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