Broke Fashion: Roaming Around Melrose Place

Posted June 30, 2019 by in Fashion/ Street Style

If you read my last Broke Fashion post, you’ll know that I’m falling in love with LA. Deeply. The weather, the hiking, the beach, the food (still miss pizza though, LA can’t do pizza #sorrynotsorry), the matcha from Alfred (basic, I know), and the mountains.

I listed the weather first for a reason; It’s beautiful almost every single day. I’m by no means anti-rain, Southern California needs it desperately, but I grew up in New England, and I spent my entire life living in the North East: Connecticut, Virginia, and New York. The weather is terrible pretty much all year round. Yes, the leaves are pretty in the fall…but that only lasts for about 3-weeks. It’s cold from early November through early May, and you may go weeks without any sun. I suffer from seasonal depression, and only experiencing cold and overcast for days and days at a time really affects me.

During the summer, NYC comes alive again, but it is very muggy and wet. All of my fun plans last summer got rained out. I found it to be a beautiful sunny day Monday-Friday when I was trapped in an office. Then almost every weekend my plans got rained out. We made plans to hike upstate…rain. We made plans to go to Rockaway Beach…rain. We made plans to ride bikes in Prospect Park…rain. I was devastated. I spent most weekends indoors, such a bummer. I’m actually visiting family in CT at the moment and it’s currently raining outside. Womp.

So LA it is…at least for now. A few weeks ago, I explored West Hollywood…more specifically, Melrose Place. I actually did an Instagram Photo Tour though Airbnb Experiences and learned a lot about the area. It was my first time using the experience feature on Airbnb, and I was not disappointed. If you plan on making a trip to LA, I highly recommend you book this experience with Kali, she was so sweet and very knowledge, both about the area and with photography. Below are a few of my favorite photos:

#ootd in West Hollywood, California //

  • Tank Top: $5.99 via H&M
  • Pleated Skirt: $29.99 via H&M
  • Brown Mules: $89 via Kanna Shoes (similar)
  • Hair: Babylights by Haley Bixler Hair (Silverlake, LA)

All black outfit!

Broke Fashion: Roaming Around Melrose Place //

This was also my blonde debut! I have wanted to go blonder for years and years. After going to LA, I needed a change. I’m so happy I found Haley Bixler. She did such a good job making my dark hair lighter. If you’re based in LA (or SF, she works in both cities), I highly recommend Haley.

Broke Fashion: Roaming Around Melrose Place //

Have you ever been to Melrose Place? Let us know in the comments below!