Broke Fashion: This Black Backpack Is My New Everything

Posted September 23, 2020 by in Fashion/ Shopping
mini black backpack

I’ve always admired those little backpacks I have seen people use as a purse. I lived in NYC for nine years, and a little backpack just wasn’t practical for me. If you live in New York City, you already know that when you leave your house in the morning, you are gone until your head hits the pillow at night. That means everything you need for the day must be with you—your laptop, your gym clothes, and in my case, clothing for dance rehearsal (in my former life, pre-covid, I was a salsa dancer).

That meant when I left my Brooklyn apartment in the morning to head to work in Manhattan, I had a massive, heavy backpack with me. My purse? Something I had to hold in my hand (a coffee was always in the other of course). My hands were always full! And believe me, that did not do my back any favors.

Now that I live in LA…give me all the mini backpacks!

I found this cute mini black backpack at Target in the middle of the summer for only $20, and I use it almost daily. It goes with everything, and when I walk around, my hands are free. It may sound silly, but it’s nice walking around with nothing in your hands. Plus, it’s the perfect size for all my needs!

small black backpack purse

Mini Black Backpack: 19.99 via Target

Now that I have this mini backpack, I want more! So. Many. More. 😆

I decided to pair my mini black backpack with a 90’s inspired outfit. I just love me some moody floral prints!

moody floral print skirt

purse backpack target

If you also love mini backpack and are interested in adding one to your autumn or winter wardrobe, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you can shop mini backpacks in a variety of styles. The best part? All the mini backpacks are under $30—woot, woot!

Do you have a mini backpack already? Let me know in the comments below!