Broke & Fit: Healthy Food Swaps To Get You Ready For Summer

Posted April 19, 2013 by in Health + Fitness

During the winter months, it’s common for people to seek out filling, stodgy foods as a form of comfort from the icy temperatures outdoors. We crave pie and mashed potatoes soaked in gravy followed by sponge cake drowned in custard. Mmmm.

But as daffodils begin to bud and lambs start frolicking around in fields, lighter dishes become more appealing, and many begin considering healthier snacks and meals in order to get ready for summer. Instead of going for the Doritos, ice cream or macaroni and cheese, have one of these delicious and healthy snacks instead.


If you are thinking of embarking on a healthier diet this summer, almond nuts are a great way to start. Great on their own as a healthy alternative to chips, or sprinkled on salads and cereal. They are also packed with health benefits. Over time, studies have shown that these delicious little pellets of goodness can reduce risk of heart attacks, lower cholesterol, help build strong bones and teeth and can aid in weight loss when consumed in moderation.


It’s not just eating the nuts which will help you eat healthier this summer. Delicious and healthy almond milk is the perfect summer swap on your cereal or in a fruit smoothie.

Frozen Yogurt

Summer is characterized by warm weather and ice cream, but with a high sugar and fat content, our favorite ice creams aren’t always the best choice for our bodies. Luckily, frozen yogurt is now readily available in supermarkets and cafes across the country. In a wide range of flavors, frozen yogurt – also known as “fro-yo” – is equally as yummy as ice cream, but often with only half of the calories and fat. Serve with fresh fruit for the ultimate summer treat.


Spiced Up Salads

Salads have always been a classic summer staple for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle, but traditional recipes such as Chicken Caesar and Tuna Nicoise can become a little dull. Spice up old-school salads with walnuts and sesame seeds for an added hit of protein and crunch.

Or seek out new recipes for salads incorporating ingredients such as mackerel, pesto, broad beans and avocados. Ditch the boring old French dressing and get creative by making your own. Olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar make for great base ingredients; then you can cater to your own personal tastes with added chillies, basil, honey, ginger, oranges, blue cheese or anything else you can find in your cupboards.


The most important thing about healthy food swaps this summer is fun, discovery and enjoyment. So find out what you like and make the most of the light dishes that can be created. Happy health!