Budget Decor: Adding a Touch of Cozy To Your Home

Posted May 31, 2017 by in Home

Your home is more than just somewhere to lay your head each night. This is where you’ll create memories with your family, have friends over for parties, and unwind after long days of work. As such, if your home isn’t as comfortable or as inviting as it could be, then you’re doing yourself and it a disservice. You deserve to have a home that you want to spend time in.

Here are five tips so you can make your home more cozy for you and your guests:

Bring Nature In

You don’t have to think of your home as a place that corners you off from the outside world. You should try and let your indoor and outdoors worlds flow into each other naturally. You can achieve this by bringing nature into your home. Adding plants to the home brightens up the place and makes it more enjoyable to be in. Never underestimate just how pleasing it can be to walk in through the front and see a bouquet of flowers on the table, too. This is important in both winter and summer; summer because we always want to feel the outdoors, and in winter because we want to be outside but can’t!

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Winter Comforts

Speaking of winter, the deep, cozy feeling that the season invokes can be a good guide for how to improve your home. Adding warm lighting and candles – along with plenty of blankets – to your living room will make it an enjoyable space to be. Some other additions are more practical: adding heated towel rails to your bathroom will make it all the easier to get out of the shower on those cold winter mornings. In the kitchen, an instant hot water tap will mean you never have to wait for your hot cup of coffee of tea!

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Adding Personal Touches

When we say ‘personal touches,’ we don’t solely mean photos of your loved ones (though feel free!), we mean adding your own personal spin on some of your household items. For example, having a piece of decoration on the walls that you helped make will make your home feel more like you, and thus more comfortable. DIY hacks and your own decor style can also help with this!

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Having clutter around the home benefits nobody. It’ll make you tenser, and your guests will also have a difficult time unwinding if there are stacks of bills, books, and other assorted items lying around the home. Keep what’s necessary for a room, and then go for a minimalist approach. You’ll be able to sink into the comforts of your home much easier.

After you have decluttered, a deep clean will the next step. If you don’t feel like cleaning, consider hiring someone to do it. The cleaning cost may be lower than you expected.

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Treat the Senses

Finally, you’ll be treating your eyes and touch to your home comforts, what about the other sense? Having a home that smells good is an underrated aspect of having an inviting home. At the very least, make sure it doesn’t smell bad, but you should also make the most of some good tips to get those nice smells throughout your home.

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Do you have any tips on how to make your home appear more cozy? Let us know in the comments below!