Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

Posted July 4, 2023 by in Home

Have you been thinking about enhancing your home environment? Perhaps you need an upgrade on those fixtures, more color in the living room, or some proper organization in your bedroom? It’s only natural to want your living space to be a haven that reflects your lifestyle, tastes, and personality. If some projects can also make your routine more convenient, that’s all the more reason to get cracking!

As a homeowner, you’ll inevitably want to improve and upgrade your humble abode. But don’t worry; you’re not alone in wanting to spruce up your living space. According to recent statistics, Americans spent around $363 billion on renovations, repairs, and other forms of home improvement in 2020 alone. 

In 2021, the amount spent on such projects was around $406 billion. It means there was an increase of 11.8 percent from one year to the next. And to put things into perspective, this percentage increase is almost three times the average annual growth of the economy, which was 4.4 percent.

Many other statistics highlight the importance of home improvement in the United States. The city of Holland in Michigan is a great example of a flourishing real estate market. As an attractive tourist destination, Holland, MI, has a lot of demand for home renovations. These include bathroom remodels, lighting updates, basement finishing, and customized kitchens. With such projects, homeowners in Holland, MI, can increase their real estate’s value and also better utilize space.

However, it’s no secret that home improvement costs a lot. Even with small projects, the expenses can add up quite quickly. In 2021, 14 percent of homeowners in America spent around $5000 to $10,000 on their home improvement endeavors. If you’re on a budget, tread carefully when planning and conducting such projects.

So what can you do to transform your home without breaking the bank or going into debt? Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Update the Fixtures First

Does your bathroom seem old, outdated, or never clean enough? If a deep clean isn’t cutting it, you probably need to replace or upgrade something in that room. Before getting shocked by the high costs of tile replacements, look at your bathroom fixtures.

Dated fixtures are among the main reasons for a bathroom looks dingy and old. Fortunately, these are a relatively quick fix. Professional designers say updated light and plumbing fixtures can effectively upgrade most bathrooms.

However, if you’re looking for professional services to help you with Shower replacement in Holland Michigan, you must hire the services from All Weather Seal of West Michigan for a successful and safe installation. They will help you replace your shower or bathtub quickly and economically.

2. A Splash of Paint

Are you looking for the most impact with the least possible investment? If yes, there’s nothing like a new coat of paint on a well-chosen spot in your home.

There’s no need to pay a professional painter and give all the rooms a makeover. Painting a single wall can make a significant difference to a room. A fresh coat can help you get that cleaner, fresher space for just a few bucks. It’s also a fun DIY project you can do in your spare time.

Even if you’ve never painted a wall or furniture before or don’t think you have an eye for color, the Internet is your best friend. You can find plenty of design blogs and YouTube tutorials to help you with any project you may have in mind. 

3. Keep an Eye Out for Second-Hand Treasures

On the other hand, thrift stores or mass-produced new furniture needs little effort. A little polish, a change of fabric, or some cleaning might be all you require to make them presentable and functional.

Plus, buying second-hand furniture will give your home a unique touch. On the other hand, mass-produced new furniture will probably burn right through your wallet. You may not always enjoy having the same table as your neighbors, so thrifting is the way to go!

4. Upgrade the Lights

Whether it’s the bathroom or any other space, lighting can greatly improve the mood of a space. Let’s admit it; returning to a brightly-lit home is comforting and uplifting. With a few well-placed fixtures, you should be able to flood a space with light and make it more inviting.

It’s also possible to stick to your budget by getting LED lights instead of traditional ones. LED options are more energy-efficient and better for the planet. Of course, the lower electricity bill doesn’t hurt either!

5. Bring in the Greenery

Do you love plants but usually keep them outside your home? Why not take a chance and bring those green beauties inside?

If you don’t have any greenery, you can always buy a few houseplants in their pots. They aren’t usually expensive but greatly enhance any space’s look. Green is soothing for the eyes, and real plants can also benefit your health.

That’s right; indoor houseplants can improve your home’s air quality without any extra cost. They purify the air, create more oxygen during the day, and can even keep certain pests away. Mint plants, for instance, can ward off mites, mosquitoes, and several other unwanted species.

It’s clear that there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home without spending too much money. The trick is to focus on smaller, simpler projects first before committing to bigger renovations like a new bathroom

6. Use What You Have

What better way to work within a budget than to use what’s already in your home? When you’re on a home improvement spree, take a look around first and see what you can utilize, upgrade, and upcycle!

Perhaps there’s an old ladder lying around in your garage? If it’s past repair, polish it up and lean it against the wall. Once it’s dry, use the rungs to hang items like towels, kitchen clothes, or hair accessories.

A sturdy can be a beautiful vase with just a few coats of spray paint. A battery-operated string of lights can make a cute table centerpiece. The ideas will hopefully keep coming once you start these little projects.

As long as you are creative, resourceful, and put in some effort, home improvement doesn’t have to break the bank. The ideas above can give you an immense sense of satisfaction with the economical upgrades in your home. Why not start working toward your updated home today?

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