Budget-Friendly Ways to Add a Little Luxury to Your Décor

Posted June 6, 2022 by in Home
luxurious living room decor

Most of us would love a little more luxury or glamour at home. Luxurious touches can help us to create a more stylish and sophisticated aesthetic in our homes, helping us to enjoy them, and making us feel proud to welcome guests. 

But many of us assume that luxury means expense. We look at homes that we could never afford on Right Move, admiring all of the glitz and glamour, knowing that we’d never be able to recreate it in our own homes. But we don’t need to. You don’t have to spend a fortune on décor choices, furniture, and accessories to add some glamour to your décor. Smaller, more budget-friendly options can be incredibly effective. Here’s a look at some of the best. 

luxurious living room  with white brick wall

Choose Pieces That Will Last – Avoiding Fads and Trends

If you want to add some luxury without breaking the bank, you need to make sure any more expensive pieces you buy last the test of time. Sometimes, spending more on specific pieces is worth it, as they’ll be of higher quality and last for a lot longer than cheaper, poorly made options. Things like Atelier luxurious lighting can last a lifetime.

But if you are going to spend more on certain items, make sure you are buying things that you love, and will still love in the future, instead of things that are fashionable that you might want to replace in a year or two. 

Add Depth and Texture

Plain walls, wooden floors, and shiny surfaces can all look stylish and sophisticated. But they can also look lifeless and lack personality. They certainly don’t feel cosy and comforting, which is something that most of us want from our homes. Mix glamour and comfort by using different textures to create depth and personality. Add different materials like satin, velvet, wool, and cotton to different areas. 

Use Layers to Create Opulence

Layers are a great way to make things look more expensive and opulent. Stack books on your coffee table, add piles of blankets to chairs and layer cushions on your sofa for a little extravagance. 

Opt for Neutral Colours

Neutral colours can look more glamourous than darker shades and overpowering prints. They are also easier to accessorise, and it can be easy to change the colours of soft furnishings if you don’t have to worry about them matching your walls. 

Size Up Where You Can

Large often makes us think of luxury. Buy oversized cushions and overstuff them where possible. Buy large throws, large area rugs and oversized light fittings to make an impression. 

Give Your Curtains Space to Shine

Your curtains take up a large part of your walls and can be a great way to add texture and colour to your neutral walls. Try to hang them as close to your ceiling as possible, and make sure they touch the floor to avoid sparsity. 

Replace or Upcycle Frames

We often frame prints and posters to make them look more expensive, but this only works if the frames look fantastic. Look in charity shops for cheap stylish frames to replace any tired old ones. Or paint or varnish the ones you’ve got

Adding luxury to a budget can be a great way to create a more unique and stylish home that suits your personality and makes you feel safe and comfortable.