Budget-Savvy Ideas to Revamp Your Dining Space

Posted January 20, 2022 by in Decor
Dining room table with glass table and grey chairs

With the pandemic, many of us are at home constantly; whether it’s through isolation or working-from-home, we look at our house a lot. And we want to entertain again. The dining table is a destination for many to catch up, laugh, eat, and rejoice in good company. Whether it’s a whole room, a kitchenette, or perhaps just a tiny table in the corner, dining areas come in all shapes and sizes.

With some simple tips and tricks, any space can become the perfect hub for entertaining – all, of course, without spending too much cash.

Dining room decor

Light It Up – Naturally

Lighting, whether it be naturally from windows or new fixtures, can completely transform the ambiance of any room. Multi sliding glass doors can show off any views, your garden and can bring the outside in. 

It may be expensive with lighting fixtures but think less about investing in something overpriced and instead look at cheaper but still impactful options. For example, paper pendant shades are inexpensive but come in exciting shapes and sizes.

Liven up your space with a statement piece. Whether it’s an oversized pendant light, colorful table lamps dotted throughout the room, fairy lights adorning a wall, or a giant Anglepoise-style floor lamp positioned over the table,

Pick Out An Accent Color

A great way to ramp up the style in your dining room is to choose a dynamic color and run it across the whole room. This could be through one wall, the table, chairs, and a rug; picking one color effectively creates a cohesive scheme. 

Try keeping old glass jars and swirling them with the paint color of choice for quick and easy tealight holders or vases, or buying cheap placemats and customizing them with scraps of paper and magazine cut-outs in the same colorway. 

Flourish with Floral

There is no more straightforward way to freshen up a dining space than flowers. Whether it’s a statement flourish in the center of a table or minor additions in a teacup, using flowers from your garden is an excellent conversation point. Think about using season updates such as holly leaves around Christmas or roses during Valentine’s. They are apparent touches, but they go a long way.

Substitute Chairs for a Bench

Adding wooden furniture like a bench that tucks under a table is an affordable way to add extra seating and a space-saving one at that. It can also look the part in all schemes, whether you are looking for industrial or vintage. For comfort, load your bench with cushions and throws that will encourage the family to stick around and chat long after dessert. You could thrift one from the Facebook marketplace or vintage stores. 

Create a Mini Gallery

You can create a feature wall with old thrift frames and some of your favorite photos. As a rule, pictures should be hung at eye level, centered around 145cm from the floor. However, the viewpoint will mostly be lower in a dining room as you’ll be seated, so hang artwork a little lower, too.

Brown Wooden Table With Chairs

These are just a few changes you can make that can brighten up your dining room and stir up conversations with you and your guests.