Build It Yourself: How to Build a PC and Save Money

Posted May 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle
build pc save money

What makes owning a PC fun is in building it. You can get the best components and create a powerful unit. One that can process a lot of tasks or even deliver a wonderful gaming experience.

You can even build a computer that would take on image rendering and video rendering with ease. Or you can also go with a computer that can provide you with the basic functions.

Building your own computer allows you to take control of your budget and get the results you wish. It might seem complex at first but you should build a PC and save money. Let us tell you how you can assemble an optimal PC build without breaking the bank:

  1. Plan for Your Computer Build

If you want to build a PC and save money, you first need to plan ahead. This will need careful consideration as you have to consider the parts that you will need. As well as the budget that you have available.   

In this case, look at every aspect of the computer. Look into the specifics of each part, from the processor to the memory cards. Also, consider the type of performance and role that the computer would be fulfilling. 

Are you looking to assemble a powerful machine meant for competitive gaming and will it make use of powerful graphical processing? Do you have a purpose and the detailed specifications in mind? 

Understanding how powerful and how fast your PC should be determines the parts you need and the budget you need to strive for. Once you get a better grasp of this, you can start looking around for parts that suit your needs and are compatible with each other. A pc builder can help you with all these specifications.

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  1. Look and Pick for Parts That You Need

With the build in mind for your computer, you would have some details in mind on how powerful it is and what it can do. What you will need are the parts that allow you to fulfill such tasks.

For this, take note of the specifics behind each piece. Start with the motherboard, as this will be the part where everything comes together. Along with the motherboard are the processor, hard drive, memory, graphics card, and sound card. Make sure all of these synchronize not only with each other but with the motherboard too. 

Besides this, you need to purchase a good monitor too. I recommended you get a good 1440p 144hz monitor.

There are a good number of parts to consider, especially if this is the first time you encounter them. If you feel lost on what to take, consider doing this next step right away.

A word of advice on shopping for parts: only take what you need.

  1. Use Tools in Searching for Parts

You might have a hard time looking for the right parts. When this happens, consider using online tools to help you find the right item for your build. 

One example is the system builder tool, which allows you to check out the parts that you need fitting your desired price range. If you plan to see what your PC would look like in terms of parts and specs when put together, use this tool to see how much it could cost. 

Once you have a list of the parts you want for your build, it’s time to look around in various shops and online stores.  

  1. Compare Prices and Shop Around

While you may have an idea for the parts that fit your preferred specs, browse for alternative prices. In this case, you need to look at other vendors and shops to find a better deal with the price. 

This way, you can make sure that you fall within the budget. Some parts would tend to differ with price depending on the vendor. This gives you options and helps you save a bit more.  

This way, you can find parts with great quality for a low price. 

Make sure to take the time to view products and find the one that provides a good value for your budget. Some shops price-match, allowing you to get a better deal and the convenience of shopping in one store.

  1. Take Advantage of Promos and Sale Prices

Also, keep an eye for sales and promos that vendors and shops would have on when purchasing. This can help you land a better deal when buying the parts needed for the build. 

This approach becomes useful when you choose to buy your parts online from platforms like Amazon. If you choose to get all your parts online, consider the idea of waiting for a promo to occur. 

You also need to use price history trackers for such items. This will help you nail down the right deal and price, helping you gauge on the right moment to make the purchase. 

  1. Reuse What You Have

Aside from buying new parts, one other tip that could help you would be to reuse existing parts from your previous computer. You may have a desktop that only needs an upgrade and it has parts that you can still use for your new build. 

Take note that when taking this approach, look into the compatibility of the existing parts that you have. See if it will work well with the newer parts you want to purchase. 

With these compatible parts, you can have an easier time shopping and you can even save up on cash. 

  1. Consider Used Parts 

In shopping for computer parts, the brand new ones tend to have steeper prices. There’s always the possibility you might go over the budget to accommodate for better pieces.

To avert this kind of situation, consider getting second-hand parts. They still function well as PC parts don’t have any moving components.  

This would work well for processors, memory, and cases but ask if they overclocked the processor at a high voltage and avoid it if they did.   

If you plan to go for used computer parts, the best setup would be to see them working first before purchasing. You can do this when you purchase from local sales. 

  1. Also, Look At Software

Once you have the unit ready for assembly, do not forget to allot a portion of your budget in software. A computer needs an OS to function so don’t forget to buy one. Also, get the necessary tools like an office suite and a better browser. 

Make sure to have a selection of software available for your new computer. 

Build a PC and save money today. This approach requires more attention to detail but it lets you determine the type of performance your PC should have. 

The other unseen advantage is in how you can upgrade parts in the long run. Start building your own PC today. 

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