Buying a Car When You’re on a Budget

Posted July 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When you’re on a tight budget, the thought of buying a new car may fill you with dread. However, there’s no need to be afraid! There are options for those who don’t have a big budget, and ways to ensure you get the best possible car for your money. Simply follow the tips below:

Go to a Reputable Dealer

If you’re buying a car, you should seriously consider going to a dealership rather than opting for a private sale. Dealers such as Nene Overland will be used to dealing with customers on all sorts of budgets, and you get a lot more protection.

While you can find some bargains with private sales, you’ll often find that ig things go wrong with the car, there’s no comeback, which is why so many people prefer buying via a car lot or similar.

Consider Used Versus New

A tight budget usually means you’ll opt for an older car, but there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • New cars can be leased, and there are often packages that include things like maintenance and insurance, which can mean lower monthly costs
  • Used cars can require more maintenance in the short and long term
  • Some dealers offer good deals on new or nearly new cars
  • Not all models are available used – if you have something specific in mind, then buying used can be more difficult

However, it’s up to you whether you opt for new or used in the end. It depends on how you use your car and whether you’ll need it for work or just for leisure. There are lots of tips for buying a used car that can help you find the right one, so make sure you do your research before you make a commitment. 

Decide How to Finance It

It’s important to consider how to finance your car. You may be thinking of dipping into your savings to pay for it, but that may worry you if it’ll leave you without an emergency fund. You should consider all options, from leasing to hire purchase or a cash buy. Think about the monthly cost and the running costs, as well as any other related expenses you’ll need to take into consideration.

Check Before You Buy

When you buy a car on a budget, you will need to be especially careful to check that the deal is not too good to be true. Make sure you check the used vehicle before you buy and look out for common scams such as chop shop cars, which will have different serial numbers on different parts of the vehicle. This ensures that the car you buy doesn’t have a finance agreement tied to it, hasn’t been written off, or isn’t part of some other scam.

Buying a car on a budget can mean you have a little less choice, but there are a number of options to get you a reliable, safe car, so that you can get on the road and enjoy driving again. 

*Photos by Anthony Shkraba