Can You Do Eco-Friendly Flooring on A Budget?

Posted February 10, 2020 by in Home
man putting in eco-friendly flooring

These days we all want to make our homes and interiors as eco-aware as possible, and use materials that are sustainable and hard-wearing, without making any compromise on style or durability. But…

Is it possible to undertake re-flooring your home with eco-friendly principles in mind, and on a tight budget? 

Why Go Green With Your Flooring?

As consumers get savvier, so do the businesses that make and sell flooring. Many companies these days are taking great steps to ensure that their eco-credentials are first-rate, by changing how they source their materials and finding more sustainable methods of producing and manufacturing them. 

There are now more varied designs and styles on the market than ever, which means that many of us can now make better choices for our homes, for less money. 

Here are five of the best types of eco-friendly flooring for homes that are budget conscious and durable:

eco-friendly hardwood flooring

Recycled Glass Tiles

Probably not one of the first options that spring to mind, but very worth considering if you’d like something on the quirky side that is durable and can come in a variety of colors. 

Recycled glass tiles for floors are often made from glass waste like empty bottles, glasses and even broken windows. They can be turned into pretty mosaic tiles that make for an inexpensive flooring option that otherwise would have ended up in landfill and unable to biodegrade.

Hardwood Flooring

Traditionalists will want to look to hardwood flooring as recommended by the experts at which is made from a constantly renewable resource. 

Wood is, by nature, completely biodegradable and easily recyclable at the end of its natural life for use as fuel, or even for other flooring or furniture purposes. 

Natural Stone Flooring

Another natural product of the earth, stone is always being renewed and recreated by tectonic processes. 

Collecting it for use as brand new flooring does not harm the environment and often old stone floors from old homes can be recycled into new flooring projects too, giving a new life to old materials for many more decades to come. 

Recycled Hardwood Floors

While a new hardwood floor made from sustainable materials is one option, another is to look at recycled hardwood floors. Wood that has been previously used in other building applications, or as flooring. 

Opting for a recycled hardwood floor can often be more cost-effective, it cuts down on waste and breathes new life into materials that otherwise might have been thrown away. 

One word of caution when looking for a recycled hardwood floor is to make sure that the wood hasn’t previously been treated with harsh or toxic chemicals if it has been repurposed from other building projects that weren’t specifically flooring. 

Recycled Metal Tiles

Again, metal tiles might not be a type of flooring that springs to mind when thinking about eco-friendly flooring, but often they’re made from scrap pieces of aluminum, brass or even copper. 

Everyone is being encouraged to recycle old metal where possible so it makes sense to turn scraps of metal that would otherwise have gone to a landfill into a new feature.  

Do you have any eco-friendly features in your home? Let us know in the comments below!