Can You Get Away With Not Wearing Makeup?

Posted June 21, 2019 by in Beauty

Good quality makeup isn’t cheap, and if you’re on a budget, can you justify spending on something that isn’t essential? Of course many would claim that makeup very much is an essential, and wouldn’t ever contemplate leaving their home without their makeup on. In reality though, if it’s a choice between paying the electric company and buying some mascara, it makes no sense to sit shivering in the dark after having the power cut off, even if your eyelashes do look amazing:

Can You Get Away With Not Wearing Makeup?

The Natural Look

The natural look is growing in popularity right now, and if you’re on a budget you might be thinking your luck is in, because surely natural means minimal makeup and therefore minimal cost? That’s not strictly true, because to get a flawless, natural look can involve the use of some pretty expensive products.

The problem is that when people say natural, what they mean is making you look like you don’t need makeup because you have such perfect natural beauty. In reality, that involves covering up blemishes and freckles, so you have a flawless complexion that still looks like fresh, un-made-up skin.

If you want to try the natural look for yourself, mineral makeup is an excellent choice. True mineral makeup doesn’t contain any of the chemicals, binders, and waterproofing substances that conventional makeup uses, and as it’s made from, unsurprisingly, natural minerals, it tends to look far more natural too. Try a quality brand like Jane Iredale makeup, using it sparingly and following the online guides to get the subtle, natural effect.

Permanent Makeup

Another way to overcome the regular expense of buying quality makeup is to get permanent makeup, which basically involves procedures like tattooing eyeliner, so you never have to worry about applying it in the morning, it never runs, and doesn’t smudge. It does require an investment and possibly a degree of discomfort to undergo a permanent makeup procedure, but you would save long term, and you’d be sure of always look immaculate. You may refer to Unique Blendz for cosmetic tattoos.

If you’re considering permanent makeup do be sure that the person carrying out the procedure knows what they’re doing and follows strict hygiene protocols. Also, you need to be confident that the style you choose is one you’re happy to live with for years to come, whatever situation you might be in.

You could also think about semi-permanent solutions, like having your eyelashes dyed so you don’t need to wear mascara. You’ll need to go back, and have it redone when the dyed lashes have fallen out and new ones grown in, but you should be able to go for several months between treatments.

If you can’t bear the thought of living completely makeup-free, at least be selective with what you buy. Cheap makeup nearly always looks cheap, so, for example, you’ll have clogs of mascara on your eyelashes, and cheap foundation will give your skin an unnatural tinge. Get a few essential items of good quality, and use what will best enhance your features rather than going all out. Your bank balance will be better off, and you’ll look better too.