Can You Lose Weight With Yoga?

Posted March 20, 2017 by in Health + Fitness

Sometimes it can be really annoying when you step on the scales and realize you have lost only 1lb, or even worse than this, you have gained weight.  Especially if you have been dieting and smashing it at the gym three nights a week. Unfortunately there are reasons we go through weeks like this.  Sometimes it’s due to the muscle we are building, which is why you are better taking measurements.  It could also be a plateau. We all have them and you might find that next week you lose a brilliant amount of weight.  Don’t be disheartened. We have a great solution which can really help.

Yoga isn’t exactly known as a major weight loss super star. While the movements can be very hard and really conditioning for your muscles, you rarely break a sweat, unless of course you are in a Bikram Yoga class where they crank the room temp up to 105 degrees.  Most people won’t believe that these movements could ever help them ditch the pounds especially as you don’t need much motivation to get into yoga. However in a recent study it was proved that those who practice yoga just once a week lose more fat than those who don’t and, the fat that is lost stays off.

There are a number of theories for this, but the most likely one is due to the way yoga makes you more mindful.  One of the practices is to clear your mind and become very aware of your body. You learn to read it better, understanding what it needs and why it needs it. This is vital for performing yoga moves and combined with the deep breathing techniques, ensures you are completely in control of your entire body.  

This then transfers into your day-to-day life. You will begin to become more aware of your decisions.  You might find yourself heading for the kitchen, the pre-yoga you would dip into the fridge and eat, whereas the post-yoga you might stop and ask if we need to.  Perhaps realizing that we are boredom eating or that we really just want a drink.

Hydration is very important when we start practicing yoga. You can help monitor your hydration levels by using a smart water bottle. For our mind and body to work in harmony we need to know we are drinking enough fluid to help our bodies detox and regenerate.  So even though we aren’t sweating we are still taking on more fluid, this will help reduce water retention and toxins. Giving us a little boost to our weight loss.

Try adding just one yoga session to your weekly fitness routines. You will not only improve performance in your other activities but you will also create stronger muscles to help prevent injuries. You won’t be doing any high impact sports or getting out of breath.  You can even wear whatever you like, just turn up, relax and take an hour to get back to a calmer and more tranquil you.

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