Cannabis Trellising: The Secret of Those Who Harvest More

Posted July 30, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If you’re growing cannabis, you’re certainly not alone these days. Thousands of people share your interests in cultivating thriving cannabis crops at home or as part of a burgeoning business. Of course, they also share your struggles. Making sure the marijuana plants get everything they need isn’t easy.

For many growers, it’s a matter of sorting out a lot of guesswork and going through an extensive trial-and-error process. Especially in identifying female seeds from male seeds. If you want to know more about female marijuana seeds, you can check the blog at it comes to getting the highest possible yields from your crop, that’s yet another hurdle to overcome. It’s also one many people have found a perfect solution for:

Maximizing Your Yields through Trellising

Training cannabis plants to grow in just the right way has become a common practice among experienced growers. It helps keep the plants healthy, control their growth, make the most of your growing space, and maximize yields among other benefits. While a few effective training methods are out there, trellising is one of the simplest and most beneficial for the cannabis strains you can get from sources like Read on to learn more about trellising and its advantages. 

What is Trellising?

In the most basic sense, a trellis is a support platform for plants. Trellises can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, wire, and net. You can create your own trellis system or purchase premade versions at any gardening or home improvement store. Many people simply use spans of lattice for their trellis systems. Trellising entails training your plants to grow along with the support system you provide for them. You can use trellises for outdoor cannabis gardens or indoor grows. They’re equally effective in either setting. 

How Does Trellising Work?

Trellising is a fairly simple concept. You buy or build your trellis system and set it up in your growing space. Then, you begin working the shoots of the cannabis plants through the support holes in the trellis. As the plants grow, you’ll have more shots to guide through the supports, and the ones you’ve already coaxed into place may need to be further trained. 

You can create either a vertical or horizontal trellis system for your plants. Which one is best for your garden depends on your growing space and which way you need the plants to go. If you’re growing indoors or want to keep your plants out of sight, a horizontal trellis may be the best option. For outdoor grows in areas where it’s not particularly dangerous for onlookers to see what you’re cultivating, a vertical system could be a suitable solution.

What Are the Benefits of Trellising?

Trellising offers several benefits. For one, it allows you to keep the plants growing in the direction and shape that’s best for your space. Secondly, this technique gives you the opportunity to maximize the plants’ exposure to light and air. It also creates the right growing conditions to produce more shoots. That generally means there’s more space for buds to grow, so you can easily transform a mediocre harvest into a miraculous one. 

Making Trellising Work for You

Trellising isn’t necessarily a simple feat. In fact, it requires time, effort, patience, and knowledge of the technique. It’s typically combined with other training strategies for maximum effectiveness as well. Having said that, it can certainly boost your yields and the potency of your buds if it’s carried out correctly.