A Guide to Teaching Abroad

Posted July 31, 2019 by in Career
A Guide to Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great way to kickstart your entry into the world of work if you are a student, on your gap year, or are a young person looking to combine work with travel before settling down into a career. 

Teaching abroad is just as viable for older people looking to rejuvenate or change their career and help educate students in other countries however, as there are many options available to help you to do this.

Why should you teach abroad? 

Teaching abroad is a great way to combine work with travel. If you want to travel the world but do not have the available funding to do this, or are worried about traveling alone, teaching abroad placements allow you to receive accommodation and regular income to fund your travels. What’s more, you can choose where you teach abroad, allowing you to see parts of the world which you may not have been comfortable with visiting by yourself. 

Teaching abroad also gives you the opportunity to live in another country for multiple months and even years, allowing you to learn more about the world’s different ways of life. Teaching is a great way to experience daily life and communicate with the citizens of a different country, sharing both your knowledge and their experiences of life and culture. 

Not only this, but teaching abroad can be a meaningful career as you’ll be able to help students of other countries get the education that they need in order to broaden their horizons. This is also a great way to rejuvenate an existing career in teaching by injecting more meaning into your role, experiencing new methods of teaching to bring back to the USA, and to build your resume. 

What do you need to teach abroad? 

To teach abroad, you may need a teaching degree up to a Bachelors level to show placements that you have the skills and knowledge that they need in their school. You should also consider getting TEFL qualifications as these are important to show that you know all the best practices for teaching English abroad. 

If you do not have a college near you that provides qualifications for teaching English as a second language, then consider turning to online options. For instance, Merrimack College provides ESL Masters programs online that specialize in teaching English as a foreign language, allowing you to prepare for teaching in a different country even in you already live abroad or have a job. 

You will also need to acquire general documentation for working abroad such as the correct Visa and an up-to-date passport. Always be sure to thoroughly research the exact requirements necessary to support your stay and employment. 

How do you find teaching placements?

There are many companies that provide schemes to allow individuals to be matched with a school in another country. These programs will place you according to your needs and interests, as well as your skills, and ideally with a school that has need for the services and skill level that you can provide.