Career Advice: If You Want Your Dream Job, Get Specific Training

Posted February 10, 2020 by in Career
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Can you see your dream job just inches away from you? It can feel like miles when you have been told you don’t have the skills or qualifications to enter into the said role. It starts to feel like such a daunting task, that you may as well give up and just wait until someone gives you the right opportunity. But no one who ever landed their dream role did it without a proactive approach.

If you want to control your own professional destiny, then you need to take active steps to prepare yourself professionally. There are certain tools you can utilize, various training programs you can sign up for and develop high-demand skills in specific industries, to show your employers that you’re the right person for the job.

In-House Training Path

Don’t ever be nervous about asking your employer to give you the training to become what you want to be. Far too many employees feel as if they’re being arrogant or subtly insulting to their employer when asking about in-house training options. Internal programs are often the fastest way to achieve the skills you need to progress forward. If you’re a junior designer but you would like to be the head of your department one day, ask to be placed in an internal training program whereby you will develop skills and acquire the knowledge needed to create new designs of products and services.

Internal training programs present industry requirements, as well as a unique style, approaches the company has. Each business will have its own standards, tools, equipment, and software, used to train employees to accomplish key tasks.

Know your Niche Demands

Before you set out on your journey to becoming an advanced professional in your field of expertise, acknowledge whether you’re in a niche role or not. More and more employees are hiring specialists rather than all-round broadly-skilled professionals. If you’re in the medical field, you will be well aware that different specialisms require unique training programs.

This emergency ultrasound course is incredibly useful if you work in the A&E department. After completing this emergency medicine course, participants will be able to successfully perform a trauma FAST exam. You’ll develop critical skills required to save a patient during the initial moments after an injury, known as the ‘golden hour’. Search for specific courses that satisfy your niche profession, to advance in a specialism.

Key Players in the Industry

Throughout all industries, some key players offer dedicated training courses for specific roles. These companies are private entities, not linked to any governing body. However, they offer industry-standard training, for professionals that would like to sharpen, advance or learn new skills entirely. The companies that provide this, will be extremely familiar with the rules and regulations of industries, know the latest software and good practices as well as offer, cutting edge knowledge to train participants to become more capable than the average professional.

It’s rare to ever be handed the right opportunity at the right time. If you want your dream job, you have to make proactive choices and develop the skills you require to earn your dream job. You should do this by applying for specific training courses.