Caring For A Loved One While They’re In The Hospital

Posted August 17, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Having someone you love in the hospital can be an incredibly stressful and anxious time. Whether they’re in for a routine procedure or more long-term treatment, it can be an overwhelming situation due to added responsibility on your part and financial strain. However, help is available. There are some simple ways to help you better cope with the strain of caring for a loved one in the hospital, so you can give them better care and attention during their hospital stay.

Manage Your Time

Depending on the nature of the treatment, there can be serious mental and physical demands put on you, from the uncertainty of the outcome to the fatigue of juggling everyday life with hospital visits. You will inevitably be torn between work and family commitments, trying to manage these as well as take care of your loved one.

A great way to alleviate some of the pressure is to ask for help from close family and friends, as well as your employer, whether it’s extra time off or help with childcare. By roping in others to help, you will inevitably make better use of your time and be better equipped to coping with the situation.

It’s also a good idea to draw up a visiting roster. You can’t physically be in all places at once, and it’s unrealistic to think you can stay by their bedside 24/7. Plus it isn’t healthy for you either. Asking other people to fill in visiting gaps and ensuring there isn’t an overlap, will still mean your loved one gets the attention and care they need, but it will also allow you valuable time to rest and prioritize other important aspects of daily life.

Relieve The Financial Strain

The cost of travel, parking and taking time off work to be with your loved one in the hospital can have a detrimental effect on your finances. Of course, this is a minor thought when your main focus is the patient, but there are ways to relieve some of the financial pressures.

Why not consider finding some short or long-term accommodation closer, which would allow you easier access for visiting and less time traveling. Depending on the location of the hospital and time needed for treatment, a great solution could be serviced apartments. For example, hospitals like those in Melbourne have a number of convenient Melbourne serviced apartments, which offer a great solution to hospital accommodation; with most serviced apartments offering competitive rates, high standard accommodation with wifi and all the mod-cons, meaning you can have a home away from home whilst they’re in hospital.

Alternatively, you could look into affordable Airbnb’s or hotels nearby or staying with friends or relatives that might live closer. Closer accommodation could definitely save you valuable time, money and stress by cutting out the traveling costs and time, so you can focus on taking care of your loved one, on their road to recovery.

Caring for a loved one in hospital is a balancing act. You need to show your support and love as much as possible, but at the same time you also need to take care of yourself. If you are exhausted, worrying about finances and stressed, then you aren’t going to be able to give them the care they need. Hopefully this article will help you focus on what’s important and find coping methods for what is inevitably a difficult situation.

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