Casual Chic: How to Master The ‘Look’

Posted February 18, 2022 by in Fashion

In the same way that ‘smart casual’ may seem like a contradiction in terms to those that don’t fully understand it, ‘casual chic’ may also be a confusing concept the first time you come across it. But, like ‘smart casual’, context is key when considering what ‘casual chic’ means to you.

For someone who is used to donning formal office wear for work, casual chic is dressing down without sacrificing style, but for anyone that lives in jeans or sweats, it is a way to give their wardrobe an elegant lift. Even the most basic wardrobe can be raided for some casual chic combinations that will breathe new life into items that may never have been worn together before.

Teaming an item of evening wear or a piece of formal clothing with something a little more relaxed is at the heart of casual chic. This can be as simple as combining a blazer with a pair of jeans, allowing both to meet in the middle as an outfit that works equally well whether you’re going out for an upscale brunch or casual cocktails. 

A redhead girl model in crop top, jeans, and a blazer with a blue background

How To Create a Casual Chic Look

One of the secrets to casual chic is to make sure that you start with well-fitting pieces, whether that’s a simple t-shirt or a pair of jeans, to ensure that the overall effect is sleek rather than scruffy. The casual element should provide a backdrop to your chicer piece, so you want it to enhance the look rather than distract, or worse detract, from it.

There are a few different ways to create a casual chic look with minimal effort and bold prints or eye-catching colors are one of the most fool proof. A pair of plain black trousers can be given a new lease of life as a casual chic outfit by adding a brightly colored shirt or a bold print.

Your casual chic look doesn’t even have to include a statement piece of clothing – you can give new life to a basic pair of chinos and a plain shirt by adding a striking accessory. Whether you add a beautiful silk scarf, a statement piece of jewellry or an eye-catching clutch bag, you can make any outfit really stand out by finding just the right addition to make it special. 

A beautiful model with glasses in a sweater and jeans, blue background

Complete the Look with Immaculate Grooming

You don’t need to have a complete makeover or spend hours on your hair but making sure you are well turned out will contribute to your casual chic look. You may want a natural look for your makeup but add a strong lip colour or some dramatic eyeliner to make your look a little stronger. 

There’s no need to have your hair done professionally, but a little effort can go a long way when you choose an artfully messy bun or a slick bob to complete your look. Neat clean nails are more important than a perfect manicure but putting a little time and effort into every element of you can be more effective than spending a lot of time on a single area. 

Looking after your clothes will also help you to achieve your casual chic look. Well-pressed items will always look smarter than those with perpetual wrinkles and hanging your clothes up will help them to keep their shape so they look much better on. 

Whether you want to give yourself a complete makeover or just have the option to smarten up when the occasion warrants it, shopping with a casual chic look in mind will help. Choosing staple pieces that will complement bolder items will give you a good stock of casual items that can be worn alone when you want to dress down but can be easily given a boost. 

A casual chic wardrobe is within anyone’s reach, and it is a good excuse to review your wardrobe and invest in some items that will bring out your best and complement one another.