CBD Brownies Are the Latest Trend—Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Posted October 10, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
CBD brownies

There are many health supplements and natural extracts that have become popular over the years, but none have been as popular as CBD. From celebrities to fitness influencers, it seems that everyone loves this miracle compound. You’ve probably seen it in all sorts of products like CBD oils, topical creams, and even CBD brownies. Baked goods that contain CBD are storming the market right now and everyone wants a piece of them. So, if you’re interested in hitting your taste buds with a delicious CBD brownie, keep reading and find out exactly where you can buy them. 

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What Is CBD? 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it comes from the cannabis plant. However, CBD is completely different to THC which is the compound that makes you feel “high”. CBD is extracted from the plant via a process called CO2 extraction. This is where the plant is pressurised within a compact chamber filled with CO2. The CBD then mixes with the CO2 when it turns into a liquid and can then be removed. Thus, the CBD is extracted and can be added into the relevant products! 

What Are CBD Brownies? 

CBD brownies are what the name suggests, brownies infused with CBD. However, it can be done in a number of ways. Some will have CBD oil added directly into the mixture, and others will be made from CBD chocolate. The effectiveness of the CBD won’t change no matter which method is used, so both of them are viable options for anyone looking to make them at home. You can find CBD brownies in a variety of strengths too, so you can easily find stronger ones should you need them. Typically, one CBD brownie will have around 20mg of CBD added into it, but it depends on who your buy them from. Always check before consuming or buying them so you can be sure you’ve got the right strength for you. 

Where Can I Buy Them? 

Now let’s take a look at where you can actually buy these delicious treats from! Here are some of the most common place… 

Online Retailers

Most people buy the majority of their shopping online, so it only makes sense that you buy your CBD brownies from there too. A lot of CBD retailers stock CBD brownies now as they’ve become incredibly popular. Using a reputable CBD retailer will ensure that you get the best quality CBD for your money and one that’s regulated and safe to take. You’ll be able to browse through the thousands of online retailers and whittle them down to your favourite ones and the ones that carry the brownies you’re after with ease. They’ll also have a wide range of strengths too, allowing you to decide just how much CBD you want to add into your routine. 

Specialist Independent Businesses

As well as CBD retailers, you may notice that a lot of independent bakeries and food sellers are now making CBD brownies too. If you were to check out some local artisan bakeries, you can be pretty sure that they’ll be selling them, and they’re probably going to taste amazing. While artisan bakeries may not specialise in CBD, they will specialise in making delicious tasting baked goods, so you can be 100% certain that your brownies will taste amazing and give you a good hit of CBD. Don’t feel as though you have to settle for low quality brownies just because they’re being sold with a natural health extract added. In fact, you can have your cake (or brownie) and eat it! 

Health Food Stores

No matter where abouts you’re based, you’ll probably have at least one health food store close by to you. These stores are also jumping on the bandwagon and stocking up on CBD brownies. These can make them even more accessible to you when you’re on the go. For instance, if you’re on your way to work or on your lunch break and you want a nice pick me up that isn’t a coffee, you could stop in and grab a CBD brownie. Whether or not health food stores are your usual go to place for snacks, you’ll be surprised at the CBD brownie range, and you may find exactly what you’re looking for. The only downside is that there won’t be as much variety compared to when you shop online. But when you’re in a rush or just passing through, this really isn’t much of a problem. And an added bonus is you don’t have to pay extra for shipping.

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CBD brownies are a brilliant way to get your dose of CBD without having to take the earthy tasting oil or trying to remember to take your soft gels each morning. Instead, they offer you a simple, yet tasty way to effectively get your CBD without even trying. You don’t even have to measure anything out! So, if you want to simplify and amp up the flavour of your CBD dose, you definitely need to try CBD brownies. Your taste buds will thank you for treating them to such delights!