CBD Cream: How to Use It Properly and What Is the Correct Dosage?

Posted February 10, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

What should you know about CBD cream? It is a product with growing curiosity among consumers seeking quality topical products for skin care. There is a wide range of topical products made with cannabinoids such as lotions, serums, and creams. CBD cream is unique because it has ingredients formulated to reduce pain associated with inflammation and manage skin disorders.

If you are new to this trend, there are things you should know about these products to help you choose the right option:

How CBD Cream Is Used

Most people using the product say it is easy to use and apply to the skin. The cream is specially formulated to penetrate the skin surface as well as below the skin through muscle tissues. People seeking to learn more about the cream may find different types on the market including THC-free CBD cream products. There are ongoing studies to learn more about the effectiveness of such products, but many have found them useful for dealing with aches and pains related to arthritis.

Many who have used other types of products such as natural oils or over-the-counter medicines have found CBD creams more useful when helping to control their pain and discomfort.  Such creams are also formulated to reduce the effects of skin aging.

CBD Cream Benefits

Cannabinoids, also known as cannabis plant chemicals, have potential health benefits people can take advantage of. Studies have shown people experience positive results depending on how they use their cream. People have reported a reduction in inflammation in their joints, reduced pain levels, and healed wounds.

People with skin concerns such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and severe itching experienced favorable results after using CBD cream products.  Users of the cream say they saw a decrease in their symptoms over time; meaning the product doesn’t just cover up the inflammation or pain but works to address the problem.

How Much Should You Use?

Understanding how much to use depends on the cream and its formulated use. The product you choose may have instructions or written details on how to apply it to your skin. It is applied to the skin just like any other skin care cream or lotion. You apply it to the skin or joint area by rubbing or massaging the product to your skin. It is suggested to apply a small amount on the skin and gradually increase it over time to achieve the result you want.

The amount of CBD milligrams may also determine how much you can use at a time. Some have reported being able to apply the cream once or twice daily.

CBD cream

Choosing a quality CBD product includes doing your research. Consumers should learn about companies providing such creams and regulations detailing how much CBD is allowed in a product. Taking additional steps to learn about CBD products on the market increases the chances of finding a compatible option to suit your needs.  Products created by established manufactures will follow compliances set by federal standards.  

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