Celebrating a Company Milestone? Here’s How

Posted November 2, 2015 by in Career

Boosting and maintaining company morale is one of the most important and yet difficult things to do during the normal day to day operations of any business. But when a business sets goals and the team is able to meet or exceed expectations, it is critical to recognize their efforts and to celebrate important milestones. There are many different milestones that need to be celebrated and there are many simple ways to do that.

When any product or business reaches an anniversary, whether it is an anniversary of the beginning of the business or the launch of a new product line, reaching an anniversary signifies the success and sustenance of the business or event for a period of time which deserves celebrating! Some businesses choose to celebrate an anniversary as a onetime event while others celebrate as an entire program of events. Whichever is the choice, the anniversary should be shared with marketing as an opportunity to show customers and stakeholders.

One creative way to celebrate an anniversary and involve everyone is to scrapbook the event, either with a visual timeline or an actual scrapbook. Recording an actual timeline of the business will give those who have been with the company for a long period of time a sense of ownership – they were there! Invite company employees to bring in photographs to share. With some creative thinking, the marketing department might actually be able to use the photographs to create a history of the company for the corporate website.

At any anniversary celebration consider planning the event with simplicity but elegance. Party favors and decorations should include dramatic announcements of the successes of the business. Continue to celebrate with the elegance of champagne….try Andre Champagne for the perfect mix of smooth flavor and wise pricing.

Most importantly, share your successes with everyone. Make sure that the marketing department is very involved and able to cover all of the events that you plan and use them in press releases and advertising. Consider sharing a unique anniversary logo or tagline that can be used in emails and on stationary. Even creating a special message for the company answering service can extend the message to an entirely different audience. Whatever your choice, don’t look over the significance of an anniversary. Certainly it’s only the first of many to come.