Cheap & Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room This Summer

Posted June 23, 2015 by in Decor

The living area is the focal point of your home. It’s the room where most things happen, and most people see. When you have friends over, they usually gather in the living room. You watch TV as a family in there and hang out. Because it’s such a commonly used room you need to make sure it looks its best. But that can be hard to do when you’re short on money.

Below are some affordable accessories that will really spruce up your living room for the summer season.

Add Some Art

An easy and affordable way of making your lounge more attractive is by buying affordable art. Check out Etsy and local craft fairs to get the ball rolling. You could also make your own artwork if you love DIY days!

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Go Retro

You can even customize your telephone to add some extra style to your living room. Turn back time with an old fashioned phone to make your lounge look a bit more classy. These classic wind up phones make great ornaments, but can also be used as real phones!


Get A New Coffee Table

Why not buy a coffee table to go in the center of the room? They don’t have to be expensive to look nice, and you can always find deals online. A coffee table brings a room closer together and gets rid of any open space. Sometimes you can have a large living area and nothing to fill it other than a sofa. Plus, they’re a great place to put all your snacks and drinks during movie night!

If you’re a fan of DIY decor, consider thrifting an old wooden coffee table. You can then paint it or add designs to it!

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Update Your TV Stand

The main part of every living room is, of course, the TV. It’s the shining light drawing everybody in. If you’re in a living room, you’re going to be primarily looking at a TV area. Which means you need to jazz it up a little. There are lovely, affordable stands for your home entertainment system that can change the way a room looks. You can match it with your TV, or match it with the colors of the room. Either way, people will be looking at it a lot, so make sure it’s pretty.

Start your affordable TV stand/shelving search at Ikea!

Cheap & Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room This Summer //

Add A Rug

If you have a hardwood floor in your living area, then you can invest in a nice rug. This rug can add spice to the floor and stop it from looking plain. As nice as hardwood floors are, they can get boring to look at over time. The rug is also a fantastic place to lie on when everyone’s stolen all the seats.

Cheap & Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room This Summer

No doubt you’ll have clocked up many hours on your living room sofa scrolling through the TV channels. As the main room, it needs to look good. And there’s no reason you can’t decorate a living room on a tight budget.