Cheap Staple Ingredients for Those on a Budget

Posted October 29, 2020 by in Lifestyle

If the pandemic had not inflicted enough damage on our income, these are usually the months we spend penny-pinching to splash out at Christmas. The costs for even the most basic items are on the rise, and while the cost of apples is still more expensive than a bag of chips, that doesn’t say much, as the cost of chips is on the increase too.

For those who are already on a budget, Christmas, which is heavy in food, might be the last thing you want to think about, but worry not! This piece will let you know the staples that need to be in your cupboard to make the most delicious meals for minimal cost.

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food staples everyone needs in their pantry.

Too Much Choice

Sometimes there is too much choice can be overwhelming, and scrubbing the pans is the last thing that we want to do after a long day. So as a treat, why not visit a vegetarian restaurant London?

Even those on a budget have to treat themselves too!


As if we have not all joined the bread baking craze this year, flour is an excellent staple to have in the cupboard and is also an extremely versatile ingredient. When you think of flour, you might think of bread, cakes, and biscuits, but there are other benefits to having flour on hand too. 

 Flour is great for thickening sauces and acting as a coat for deep frying foods for a naughty treat. For those who have exhausted their bread-making ideas and variants, why not use flour to make your own pasta? As Christmas is around the corner, you can even use flour as decorative snow. See? Multipurpose.

Bouillon Paste

Bouillon paste is often associated with making gravy, but this little magic product can turn almost any bland food into something extremely tasty with a savory hit. Add this to any broth, pasta water, or even enjoy as a hot drink on a chilly day for something delicious and light.

For those who want to go a step further, you can also add bouillon paste to mince to make meatballs, or add it to mash potatoes for that addictive umami flavor. The world is your bouillon paste!


One of the joys of eggs is that they are extremely versatile. Omelet? Done. Frittata? You got it. Eggs and soldiers? No problem. And for those that like their eggs scrambled, nothing is cheaper, healthier, and easier than throwing in a bunch of chopped up veg, cheese, and spices to make a nutritious one-pan meal. 

Eggs are the cheapest breakfast food available, but can also make excellent sides and snacks too, leaving you with plenty of options for lunch and dinner as well. 

Canned Beans

It can be astonishing what you can do with a can of beans. Not only are beans incredibly cheap, but they have a long shelf life (especially when dried), and there are several varieties which all lend themselves well to different dishes.

Bean dip, beans on toast, bean stew, bean burger… the options are endless.

The great thing about canned beans too is they are a brilliant source of protein, so for those who are vegetarian or vegan, there is no need to miss out on an essential food group!