Choosing a Uniform Store In Vancouver With Custom Uniform Programs

Posted July 24, 2020 by in Career

Are you planning to introduce some changes to your business uniforms? In order for your workwear to look professional and feel comfortable, you need to hire professional assistance in the form of a uniform store. 

These experts provide clients with an extensive variety of work apparel, suitable for employees of different professions. Nowadays, there are numerous uniform stores, such as, offering vast selection, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

The following tips will help you choose the right supplier:


Determine the Type of Uniform

The initial step of your search for the right store is looking for one that matches your requirements. Bear in mind that each store specializes in a particular type of apparel, thus focusing on its target market. For instance, some shops specialize in designing school uniforms, while others are known for offering corporate apparel. 

Therefore, make sure you go through the catalogs of various clothing stores in order to find the ones that provide customers with the type of workwear you need. Anyhow, upon getting in touch with the providers, it’s paramount to ask for samples so as to check whether the garments’ quality and design match the ones on the pictures of their catalogs. Don’t form an opinion based on catalog pictures, as you might end up completely disappointed. 

Consider Quality

Another important consideration to take into account when looking for the right uniform store is the fabric quality it provides. Since your employees will be wearing such apparel on a daily basis, it’s vital for the garments to be of excellent quality. 

Moreover, workwear is supposed to be both comfortable and highly durable, thus enabling employees to feel absolutely cozy when wearing it. Bear in mind that investing in durable uniforms is a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing low-cost apparel every single year. Click here to check out the reasons why cotton is the best choice of fabric.

Check Stores’ Reputation

Reputation is an indispensable factor to consider when choosing the right uniform shop, as it speaks volumes about the quality of their services and their commitment to customers. Make sure you ask for recommendations from some of the colleagues in your field of work who have experience in doing business with uniform stores. You’ll be undoubtedly provided with at least a few useful suggestions for shops that you can contact. 

Furthermore, make sure you conduct online research on all uniform shops in your local area by visiting their business sites. These sites most commonly include useful information about the services, experience, and expertise of such companies. Also, you should look for online reviews of former customers to check their satisfaction with the services of particular clothing stores.

Check Their Selection

It’s paramount for a uniform store to provide its clients with an extensive selection of work apparel in order to meet the requirements of different businesses. For instance, construction workers need industrial shirts, while warehouse employees require protective and highly durable workwear to improve their safety. 

On the other hand, the members of a restaurant staff need comfortable and functional apparel, which wouldn’t limit them in their everyday duties. Additionally, corporate employees would need elegant, high-quality corporate apparel in the form of business suits, ties, shirts, and skirts. Regardless of the given selection, the right store is expected to design a custom uniform program to fit your requirements.

Ask for Quotes

Since price is of key importance when ordering workwear, it’s essential for the supplier you choose to meet your budget limitations. Make sure you choose a store that provides low order minimums; otherwise, you’d have to order a much larger number of uniforms. 

Therefore, after narrowing down your choice to a few promising candidates, you are supposed to request a quote from each one. These estimates will help you make a price comparison between suppliers based on your apparel needs. 

For instance, some companies provide customers with outfits, which are believed to be more cost-effective than purchasing separate garments. However, if most of the outfit clothing pieces aren’t planned to be part of your workwear, it’s better to choose separate items. 

Consider Name Tags

Another important consideration when looking for a uniform store is providing name tags as part of their services. If your goal is to add a name tag to the apparel of each employee, make sure you find a company that embroiders names into clothing. The following link,, explains the benefits of using name tags for restaurant uniforms.

Moreover, an increasing number of business owners have decided to join the trend of using name tags for work apparel, particularly in businesses where employees come in contact with the customers. For example, these are an excellent idea for restaurant staff members or shop assistants. 

Consider Customer Service

The customer service is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of such stores, as their employees are supposed to be highly responsive and available to clients.

These professionals should be committed to the relationship with each client, as it’s their job to provide useful suggestions in order to comply with customers’ needs. 

Ultimately, they are supposed to be knowledgeable, incredibly patient, and supportive through every step of the procedure. Read more about the key aspects of customer service.

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Don’t forget that workwear is the face of your company, so make sure you choose a reliable, reputable, and affordable supplier.