Choosing the Right Office Jewelry—7 Useful Tips

Posted January 20, 2022 by in Fashion

Choosing jewelry to wear in the workplace is always tricky. You would not want to go over the top; on the other hand, you also do not want it to go unnoticed. You need to look professional as well as smart. Here are a few tips that will help you pick up appropriate office jewelry:

Woman wearing grey plaid blazer at work

1. It Should be Comfortable to Wear:

Comfort should always come first. If you’re not comfortable in your accessories or your clothes, your productivity may suffer. Examples could be too heavy earrings or a ring that is too large so it constantly hits the keyboard distracting you and your nearby co-workers. When you wear jewelry to work, make sure you choose a piece that is lightweight and does not obstruct your work.

2. Less is More:

Too many accessories will make you look over the top at the workplace. You need to wear the appropriate number of jewelry pieces—usually two. If you love fashion, pick pieces that are trendy but subtle.

3. Opt for Subtle Tone of Metal:

The tone of metal you choose needs to be subtle rather than flashy. If you like to wear a gold, go for rose gold or a muted gold. Similarly, you can opt for platinum too, which almost always looks sophisticated

4. Think Functionality:

You need to remember that you will be at the workplace. This means you will wear the jewelry for hours while working. Anything that obstructs you from working needs to be avoided. For example, if you work on a laptop, avoid a chunky bracelet, as it will hinder you from working comfortably.

5. Avoid Noisy Pieces:

If anything you wear makes noise, then it should be avoided altogether. It will be distracting for you as well as your colleagues. Especially avoid wearing multiple bangles and opt for bracelets. If you want the effect of multiple bangles, wearing a tennis bracelet can do the trick. It gives the effect of multiple layers but it is one piece of jewelry.

6. Stay Away from Bling:

You should avoid anything that reflects too much light, as it will be pretty distracting. You can obviously go for diamonds, but do not opt for dangling stones. Choose a stud instead, which looks tasteful and appropriate for work.

7. Choose the Design Carefully:

The jewelry design plays a major role as well. Some designs are meant to look more traditional, whereas others are created to be statement pieces. Designs like floral give you a soft look, whereas geometric designs make you look sharper. These pieces are more appropriate for your workplace. Earrings that dangle also give you a party look and if you wear studs, it looks more workplace appropriate.

When you get a jewelry piece, it should reflect your personality and taste. It can be fun and edgy, but do not let it distract you from your professional setting. To make a complete statement, you have to also choose a wardrobe that is appropriate for the workplace and makes you look professional. The pieces should work well will your wardrobe too.

*Photos by Laura Chouette