Christmas Day Outfit Inspiration

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On Christmas Day, depending on what you have planned, you probably aren’t all that worried about what you will wear. Instead, you are likely focusing on giving and receiving gifts with your loved ones, and spending the day cozied up at home. Even if you have nowhere to go on this day, there are benefits to getting out of your PJs and changing into a casual, comfortable outfit, no matter what activities you have planned. 

For those of you who have more formal activities planned for the day, creating a festive look doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort for style. No matter what you plan to do on Christmas Day, here are some suggestions to keep you feeling comfortable and effortlessly elegant this year:

Blogger wearing a tartan plaid skirt and tall black suede boots for a christmas outfit

Day At Home

If you don’t have any major plans on Christmas Day other than hanging around the house and chilling with your loved ones, it is a good idea to get changed out of your pajamas. Not only will you feel a little more prepared to take on the day, but you will also be dressed in the event that you want to pop out of the house. You’ll be prepared to do something festive like look at Christmas lights, go ice skating, or even go to the movie theater.

To keep the comfortable effect of pajamas, while still wearing “real” clothes, start with your underwear. Put on your most comfortable pair of soft and cozy underwear as the foundation of your look. Next, throw on a pair of festive sweats, in either a jolly print or a typical holiday color, like red, green, or white. A matching loungewear set is an ideal way to create an intentional look for the day while still being just as comfortable as you would be in your pajamas. Finally, finish your outfit off with your favorite slippers or fuzzy socks, and your cozy Christmas Day look is complete! 

Visiting Friends and Family

If you plan to get out of the house on Christmas for a casual visit with friends and family, you can go for a slightly more dressed up look without going all out formal dress. 

The perfect look for this type of occasion is the classic jeans and sweater combo. Simply put on your favorite pair of jeans and a festive sweater of your choice, and you instantly look appropriately dressed for the occasion. 

If wearing jeans isn’t your idea of comfort, there are plenty of ways to spice up a pair of simple leggings and top. When paired with a scarf that has festive holiday colors in it, or a big, luxurious coat, your outfit instantly looks a little more elevated . It’s all up to you on how to dress for this type of occasion, but regardless, you can always add a little holiday flair to even the most simple outfit. Don’t forget your red lipstick!

Blogger wearing a holiday christmas outfit

Going To A Formal Christmas Day Event

For those of you that have formal traditions to attend on Christmas Day, dressing up in your best holiday attire is a must. The formal style you go for is completely up to you, but here are a few combinations to offer some inspiration:

For an ultra luxurious outfit, wear a cocktail length dress in a rich fabric like velvet, or a fabric covered in sequins. These options are much more glamorous than your everyday dress and are sure to make a statement at any gathering. Next, pair your dress with sheer tights in either black or nude depending on the color of your dress and your own personal preferences. Finally, put on your choice of footwear, whether that be a heel, flat, or boot.

Woman wearing big red bow in front of a house with christmas lights

From sweats to sequins, there’s an outfit idea for any Christmas occasion you have planned. This year, no matter what you will be doing on Christmas, try mixing up your usual outfits for one of the options outlined here!

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