Clever Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Posted August 4, 2022 by in Home

It is an art to make a small bathroom look bigger, and if you don’t know the tricks and hacks of doing that, you are not alone. Not having the size of the bathroom as per your expectations is a common problem found among people. You think of renovating the space, but that comes with a huge expense. But you need not worry anymore. We are here to fill you with clever design solutions to make your bathroom space look bigger without breaking the bank. Whether it requires you to add new Orleans art or install a large mirror, get ready to make your bathroom as per your expectations, and you will fall in love with it. 

Glass shower doors

Glass shower doors and glass curtains are indeed a beautiful addition to your bathroom. The shower curtains not only look beautiful but make your washroom feel spacious and stylish. Just getting the glass shower doors attached won’t do the needful. You will have to keep them clean and tidy to ensure that they maintain a gleaming look while giving the best look to the bathroom.

Bright shutters for privacy

There are times when you need much-needed privacy in the bathroom. To address this concern, adding shutters is the right thing to do. It dresses the bathroom windows while retaining the light. You don’t need to have full shutters in the bathroom. A half shutter option can also work well. After adding shutters, get the blinds to block the windows, and you are good to go. Have the blinds painted to make your bathroom feel astonishing, and you can witness a space like never before. 

Thin out the decorations

Adding decorative pieces of artwork is yet another way to make your bathroom look bigger. You can add bathroom wall art canvas to make your bathroom inviting. Don’t forget to eliminate the unnecessary items from the bathroom. Removing clutter from your bathroom makes it look spacious. If the items present in your bathroom don’t have any functional value, discard them or place them in some other corner of your home. All in all, adding art and thinning out decorations is the key to making it a cozy space. 

A large mirror

A large mirror is the perfect means to add illusion to your eyes. It makes you feel that the bathroom space is much bigger than it is in reality. You can buy a super-sized mirror and get it installed in your bathroom to let the magic begin. Or you can think of adding two mirrors where two walls meet. It will bounce back more light into the room, and you will end up feeling that the bathroom is spacious. 

Floating vanity

A floating vanity has the power to make any tight bathroom space bigger. It helps maintain the balance between storage and space. You can store your daily essentials in a floating vanity. So, feel the difference by adding the floating vanity to your bathroom. 

Use the above-mentioned tricks and create the illusion of a larger bathroom. It is time to make your bathroom give eye-catching and luxurious results.