Coffee Runs: Not Just For Sweatpants Anymore

Posted January 15, 2013 by in Lifestyle

Broke & Chic recently teamed up with Marcus Cooper and Shelby Beamon, two talented NYC based photographers, to prove that the best time to test the waters with fashion is when you’re running errands.

Most people aren’t overly adventurous with their personal style, but we all wish we could mimic the awesome styles and fashions we see in our favorite magazines and street style blogs.

So seriously, why don’t we just suck it up, and build the fashion confidence Lady Gaga has? You probably have many reasons: what will your boss say? What if your friends hate it? What if you scare guys away?

Obviously you shouldn’t be too daring with your style at work, and maybe you shouldn’t even wear a bold outfit all day. So when can you experiment? We here at Broke & Chic have the perfect plan for you.

Test out those dream outfits you’ve always been too scared to try when you’re walking to your local coffee shop in the morning, when you’re spending your Sunday afternoon at the laundromat, and if you’re still not brave enough, in the comfort of your own home when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr.

That’s right, wear your short sequined shorts, spiked Lita’s, orange lipstick and grandma’s vintage fur coat the next time you have a load of dirty laundry to deal with. Once you get back home, you can switch back to your usual look…but only if you want to.

Note: Bold and daring makeup is another thing to have fun with the next time you run down the street to grab your latte.

Are you thinking about being daring on your next errand? Snap a photo and email it to [email protected] for a possible feature.

A big thanks to Redlight PR for supplying the clothes, Kensie for supplying the jewelry, Kyle Harder for makeup and of course, Gasoline Alley for the coffee! To stay Broke & Chic, everything but the leather coat was under $80.00!