Common Occurrences That Can Lead to a Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

Posted June 21, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When we look for solutions to meet our aging loved one’s living situation, we rarely think that that decision might lead to neglect, malnutrition, or abuse. A myriad of reasons might be accompanying your search for a qualified nursing facility from declining health concerns of your elderly family member to a desire expressed by them to stop living alone.  

 Whatever the reason for relocating, we understand that your search was conducted under a prism of cautiousness designed to weed out the unacceptable and find an ideal place to live.

Unfortunately, as we struggle as a society trying to find housing and health answers for the problems of a rapidly aging population, we are often guided by information presented on glitzy webpages, glossy brochures, and slick presentations to guide our decisions.

Beyond the glitz, gloss, and slick presentations however, there may be hidden conditions that might put your loved one’s well-being at risk.  While you never anticipated having to reach out to a Baltimore nursing home neglect attorney for representation owing to their elderly loved one’s nursing home abuse and neglect, the sad reality is that there are any number of common occurrences that can lead to a nursing home neglect lawsuit,

Let’s look at some of the reasons behind these occurrences before exploring risk factors, and then we will turn our attention to possible legal remedies.

Staffing Shortages and Poor Training has Consequences 

As intimated above, our society is trying to deal with a rapidly aging population, and we live in a social structure that does not always allow for us to take in our older loved ones.  There may be an array of reasons for this fact, but for many families the declining health of the older family member might mandate ongoing daily care.  

This is particularly true of patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms.  Also, in a geographically widely spread-out family, not having a loved one in the area precludes the ability to take in our older loved ones.

Regardless of the reason however, the expanding need is not always being met by trained staff members on the ground.  Nursing homes are often understaffed, overworked, and under financed, which can have a deleterious effect on a resident’s care, and this impact can lead to neglect and abuse.

Common Occurrences that Can Lead to a Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

A poorly trained and short-staffed nursing home is ripe for neglect and abuse for the simple reason that shortcuts are taken that can harm your loved one.  These shortcuts could well impact medical care, nutritional requirements, safety, and overall emotional wellbeing.

  • Provide appropriate medical or nursing treatment.
  • Maintain adequate health and safety policies.
  • Keep the facility free of hazards which may cause falls.
  • Hire a sufficient number of qualified employees.
  • Adequately supervise residents and staff
  • Provide sufficient security in order to keep residents safe.

Medically speaking, two rising cognitive related diseases, dementia and Alzheimer’s, poses unique challenges to caregivers, and those lacking training might prefer to instead just avoid those patients.  This neglect is unconscionable, but it is a sad realty for many nursing home residents and their families.  Further, failure to recognize, diagnose, and treat potential conditions is a sign of medical neglect that can cause lasting harm or worst.

As we age, our palates might be harder to please, but maintain adequate nutrition levels to remain health is critical as we age.  For those patients that require assistance to eat, a shortage of staff members might mean that the resident is unable to have the time they need to get all the food and nourishments they require.  Likewise, errors in dietary regimens might exacerbate already existing conditions.

Whether it is the result of patient-on patient altercations, staff abuse, a cluttered dayroom that might cause someone to trip and fall, security is a critical component to the day-to-day welfare of our loved one.  A nursing facility that is not secure poses a hazard that the nursing home management is responsible for correcting, and legally liable should they fail to do so. 

Contact a Baltimore Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

If you suspect that a loved one who is living in a nursing home is the victim of neglect or abuse, it is important to act quickly to get your family out of that toxic or neglectful setting.  Once their safety is assured however, you need to turn to a qualified Baltimore nursing home neglect attorney to gain redress for the abuse.

Nursing homes are mandated to assure the best possible care for their residents, and failure to do so means holding them accountable when they fail to meet this critical bar of care.  Filing a successful claim means adhering to filing deadlines and showing evidence that the home’s management and staff have failed in their important care obligations.  Speaking with qualified legal counsel is your first step in getting the answers you need regarding your loved one’s wellbeing.