Complete Hair Extensions Breakdown: Which Should You Use?

Posted February 14, 2020 by in Beauty
Stylist applying hair extensions

If you want to have luscious, long, and voluminous hair today, you can do it regardless of what kind of hair you actually have. Extensions can transform your looks in formidable ways. And the best thing is that you can change your style whenever you want going from bouncy long curls to straight middle-length tresses.

The market of hair extensions today is huge and growing as new and more efficient methods of both making and attaching them get invented. That’s great, but the versatility also makes it quite hard to choose which of the many options will be the best for you.

The following information will help you make this decision:

different kinds of hair extensions

Natural or Synthetic Hair Extensions

The first thing you need to decide is the material of the hair extensions you want to use. There is a wide range of synthetic fibers available today. Those are very flexible in shape, color, and texture. They will keep their shape, so usually they won’t need styling at all. This is why they make a great option for curls, especially if you live or plan to travel to areas with high humidity.

That said, the majority of synthetic hair extensions are heat-sensitive. They also require special care as they might not react well to chemicals in your shampoo and other products. Finally, no matter how good they are, they won’t look 100% natural.

If you are going for the most natural look and want your new style to last, you should be using human hair extensions. You can style them the same way you do your own hair and with the right care, they can last for up to a year.

Human hair extensions, however, are subject to the same weaknesses as your real locks. This means that the extensions won’t hold the style if it’s humid and rainy. But again, this will also make them indistinguishable from your real hair, so you’ll look natural no matter what.

What Are Most Popular Hair Extensions Application Types?


Clip-ins literally are strands attached to a base that you can clip in or take off whenever you want. They are low-maintenance, affordable, and you can learn how to put them in yourself. But there are only so many styles you can achieve with them and they won’t look completely natural.


The stylist will literally glue pre-taped strands of hair extensions to your hair. Because of the glue they will require very careful and special care. Also, they only last for 4-8 weeks, but can be reapplied. They look natural and are a good way to get a “feel” for hair extensions before you decide to get something more permanent.


Weaves are literally sewn into very tight braids weaved in crowns on your head. Because of this, they can last long and look perfectly natural. However, it’s because of this technique that they can only be applied to thick hair that actually can be braided as necessary.

Moreover, such tight braids cause irritation and dryness, and if braided and treated incorrectly, they might cause hair loss and other problems. You should never wear weaves for more than 4 months. But it’s recommended to remove them every 6-8 weeks.

Fusion (pre-bonded)

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions can look remarkably natural when applied by an experienced professional. They can also last for up to 4 months. However, the method of their application is so bad for your hair that only people with very healthy natural locks can use it.

The method literally requires using a tool similar to a hot-glue gun in order to bond extensions to your hair. It’s imperative to get this treatment only from a very experienced professional. And be sure to listen if they advise against it after inspecting your natural hair.


Microlink hair extensions are, in essence, thin strands of hair attached to beads. Those beads are fixed to small portions of your hair using a special tool. They muse be applied by an experienced professional because if beads aren’t handled correctly, your natural hair will be damaged. If that’s done right, these extensions will look great and will be easy to care for. You can wear them for up to 4 months.

Hair stylist putting in clip-in extensions

Hair extensions available today are versatile and very safe if applied and treated right. There is no one type that’s superior to all others, so think carefully of what you want to achieve and pick the option that meets these needs best.

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