Cool Interior Lighting Hacks That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Posted December 3, 2015 by in Home

Every time a new season arrives, you should consider transforming the interior of your home to showcase the new time of year. Why? You should consider it because some design ideas look silly at certain times of the year and don’t work, especially during the winter.

Obviously, you don’t want to break the bank, so you need a trick that will make a difference and that is cheap. Lighting is the answer. The right lighting will boost your home’s look without costing a fortune. Here are a few ways to exploit light in your home.

Winter is pretty much here, and it is time to make a few changes!

Make The Most Of Daylight

Synthetic lights are fine, yet natural light is much better. It is hard to put your finger on why it is better, which is why ‘it just is’ tends not to appease everyone. One of the best answers to why natural light is better is because of a person’s senses. Everyone is accustomed to natural light as it is the light that we come across every single day. As a result, it looks a lot better to us and everyone who enters than a few lamps. Also, natural light has a broader spectrum, which means it is a consistent color. To make the most of it, make sure the curtains are open during the day, and also try and add more entrances for the light to enter.

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Dramatic Contrast

As a rule, the human brain loves a contrast. Anything that is different is something that your brain will register and enjoy. Think about how you always notice something out of the ordinary without fail. That is not a coincidence – it is because your brain is accustomed to change. From a psychological point of view, it makes sense to exploit this in the home. Strong lights next to dark areas are a great way of transforming the design of your home.

Winter is pretty much here, and it is time to make a few changes!

Rule Of Three

There are three forms of lighting: ambient; task; and accent. In simple terms, ambient is the main source of light in the room, and the two others are secondary and tertiary sources of light. It is important to mix all three together to achieve the best effect. A room, or a home, that has all three looks layered, and it also look as if you have taken your time to put the room together. A professional looking house is without a doubt the best way to make changes without spending a lot of cash.


Task Lighting

Obviously, the main source of light is the ambient lighting. However, once you have that, you need to supplement it with task lighting. Think of task lighting as mood lighting – the little detail that makes all the difference. A good example is a candle. Candles produce soft, warm light that is not overpowering. For a change, LED candles are something a little different that are perfect for task lighting.

Cool Interior Lighting Hacks That Will Knock Your Socks Off! //

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to do something different when it comes to lighting. The worst results are the homes that are too conservative as they are afraid of making a mistake. Who wants a home that looks exactly the same as every other house on the street?

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How do you update your home on a budget? How about a lighting hack? Let us know in the comments below!