Cool Street Style Fashion and Money Saving Tips For Teenagers

Posted May 21, 2020 by in Fashion
Woman wearing athleisure

Fashion is something which we come across every day, and various kinds of fashion are prevalent in the world. Street fashion is one of the most popular styles of fashion which has grown itself as a very significant trend among the youth.

As the name suggests, this kind of fashion is evolved from streets, not from designers or any other recognized platform. The teenagers have adopted this fashion to look more attractive and different from others. Street fashion is preferably a mixture of all kinds of style which makes a person look fresh and unique as a result of which it is in trend.

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Are you ready to shop? Below are various street styles growing in popularity amongst teens…


Preppy is one of the most popular forms of street fashion. It is influenced by hip hop fashion and is common in men as well as women. Such type of style is generally prevalent in college students for their class. For men, preppy fashion includes equestrian clothing, plaid shirts, field jackets, and nautical-themed accessories.

For women, this fashion includes mini skirts and turtlenecks, knee-high socks and booties, khakis, and stilettos. Moreover, other attire of preppy fashion mainly includes argyle sweaters, round neck sweaters, woven leather belts or grosgrain, madras, Reds button-down Oxford cloth shirts, pearl necklaces and earrings, bangles made of gold and big chain bracelets, loafers, polo shirts (often with a popped collar), and boat shoes.

This simple look suits the college students as a result preppy is in trend. Hence teens are attracted to preppy style.

woman wearing a plaid blazer


Many celebrities are making this style life although, it’s not too hard to understand why walking around in joggers and sneakers is a trend that’s spreading like fire in the forest. Good brands are rapidly picking up on this need for youthful, comfortable clothing that gives people an effortless style that practically screams “I’m too cool to care about what I wear”. And believe it’s truly effective.

Search for cool bomber jackets, track pants, slouchy hooded jackets paired with crop tops, and the ever-pristine sneakers. However, do not make any mistake as these outfits are not for actually working out as you just want to look like you’re about to go to the gym, but never actually sweat in them. These outfits can be used while going to a date with your partner our chilling with friends.


Femme Punk

Preferred for women, this street style creates fun and is very dynamic. One gets to blend two different aspects of your personality together into an awesome and amazing look. Here it is nothing but about adding some rock ‘n roll to feminine looks so as to soften up some hard-core pieces.

Mixing a feminine dress with a leather jacket and boots is a great way to add to this style, add ripped tights to a cute skirt and crop top, and also top off your maxi dress with funky, statement jewelry which sets the tone.

It is simply about merging two unique styles, so have fun with it and see where it takes you. Hence the perfect accessory, check out trendy sandals online at sites like Macy’s that can dress up or dress down any outfit. Such fashion can make you look awesome during the time of farewell parties of teens.

Woman with purple hair

Hence these fashion styles can make one look more trendy and glossy. Such street fashion can be a makeover for teenagers and give them different and cool attire. Using Macy’s can provide them with a variety of options and help them select the above-mentioned fashion style, and hence one can dress up accordingly.