Country Aesthetic: 5 Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Posted January 11, 2021 by in Home

Did you know that the 1920s economic boom inspired people to decorate their bedrooms luxuriously?

Now, almost everyone decorates their bedroom in their own style. One of the most popular trends in the world of decorating is a farmhouse style.

Read on to learn about five farmhouse bedroom decor ideas you’ll love:

1. Mix It Up

One of the best farmhouse bedroom decor ideas is to mix old and new decorations to give off a modern yet vintage vibe.

To pull off this look, look out for antiques and other objects that show an old-timey perspective. Country farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas like this can add a lot to a room.

You could even go as far as to get shiplap walls. You can opt for the common white color or have a shiplap wall with a soft hue. This provides a warm nostalgic feel to a room.

2. DIY Headboard

If you are looking to do your own DIY farmhouse bedroom decor project, try creating a headboard of your own. Instead of a traditional headboard, find repurposed items that can be transformed into a farmhouse item.

If you have extra wood laying around, it could make for the perfect farmhouse headboard. Using rustic wood is a staple for the farmhouse look. You could also use an old item like a washtub to create a unique footboard.

3. Classic Quilts

Another one of the best bedroom decor ideas is using classic quilts. You could turn an old quilt into farmhouse chic bedding or even farmhouse baby bedding.

When you think of farmhouse decorations, your mind may instantly go to quilts. Because the vintage look is so popular these days, you may be able to find a new quilt that looks old. Of course, you could always shop around online or at an antique shop for a real vintage quilt. When you’re switching out your quilts learn how to store quilting fabric correctly to preserve them for years to come.

If you already own a precious quilt that you don’t feel right using as a bedspread, fear not. Layering a quilt over a bedspread is a common traditional farmhouse style look.

4. Kid’s Room

If you have children, the farmhouse look works for their bedrooms too. If you want your master bedroom to match other rooms in the house, consider these things for a farmhouse version of a kid’s room.

Some great ideas are a small vintage chandelier, white tones with touches of baby pink, and antique wall art. The perfect bedding for your child’s farmhouse room can be found at the site here.

5. Yellow Color Scheme

A buttery yellow color is a classic in a farmhouse. Painting your bedroom walls this color and adding accents of yellow throughout the room will make it more welcoming. Walking in will feel like a big country hug.

Many farmhouses put white and yellow together. However, yellow is such a versatile color that it can go with a lot of looks.

Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas You Must Try

If you are looking for the country aesthetic in your room, look no further. Creating the farmhouse look in your bedroom is simple and fun at the same time.

Use this guide to redecorate your room or kids’ room into the perfect farmhouse style.