Create a Scrapbook That’s Stunning With These 4 FAST Layout Ideas!

Posted August 9, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Creating a scrapbook that’s uniquely beautiful is about having lots of ideas. So whether you’re learning how to scrapbook, or perhaps you’ve already attempted a few layouts, in this article, you’ll discover a bunch of wonderful scrapbooking templates courtesy of ScrapbookingCoach to help you scrap some of the most popular occasions quickly and easily!

1. Create A Scrapbook With A Vacation Theme

Creating scrapbooks of your trip is a wonderful way to keep memories of your holiday and a lovely way to show people your vacation snaps. Now let’s consider each of the elements above in the example of vacation scrapbooking.

This beach vacation layout uses the colors in the photo as inspiration for the layout!

Think about the color

Getting the right color for your layout is very important. One way to decide what colors to use is to let your environment tell you.

This beach vacation layout uses the colors in the photo as inspiration for the layout!

Summer scrapbook


Yellow/blue – beach holiday

Blue/green – water sport holiday

White/silver- snow glitter for skiing

Red/orange – holidays in fall

Alternatively use the flag color of the country you visit – blue and red for America, gold and green Australia etc.

Picking a suitable background

As mentioned above you need to ensure that your background doesn’t overwhelm your content. For a vacation background you may wish to use a plain colored background or even just use textured background like sand glued to the page.

Focusing on your presentation style

When creating scrapbooks, lots of people want to present their holiday snaps, memories and keepsakes. If this is the case then you could use a 8X8 scrapbook. Alternatively you can present in a pocket sized ‘passport’ scrapbook, bucket and spade shaped book, or a beach hut style album with the doors open to all your memories.

Experimenting with text

Text can be presented as a ‘postcard’ or as part of a ‘ticket’. You may want to include your own handwritten memories on a luggage tag.

Pink vacation scrapbook page

**Pro Tip**

When we come off holiday it’s so nice to capture memories of our adventure although more often than not we come home and life takes over, we are too busy to get started and before you know it the memories have faded along with your enthusiasm.

One way to avoid this happening is to prepare a page or book ( including the color and theme) prior to leaving for your holiday, this way whilst away you can collect specific keepsakes to include once you are home. It makes creating scrapbooks so much easier!


♥ Receipts

♥ Tickets

♥ Photos

♥ Shells

♥ Luggage tags

♥ Aero plane extras

♥ Foreign money

♥ Visas

2. Create A Scrapbook For Babies

When gathering all the information for yours or someone else’s baby there are so many elements to include it can be quite daunting. The easiest way to present all your information is chronologically.

Start at the beginning, maybe the pregnancy scans or list of possible names, and then move through to current age and even thoughts for the future.

Baby memories scrapbook

Thinking about the color

Colors for babies are generally easy if you choose to take the traditional route. Pastels, pinks, blues, creams etc. However you can use the colors from the nursery for your inspiration to brighten and enliven your book

create a scrapbook - image 2
sleeping baby scrapbook with cute quotes

Picking a suitable background

Using baby gift paper makes excellent backgrounds or baby material from your local haberdashery. There are beautiful materials these days that will work perfectly for this.

Focusing on your presentation style

Again a book is a great way to display your memories and showcase your work however you can be more creative with filling a birth certificate gift tube or large knitted baby sock full of your memories.

Experimenting with text

Include birth certificate, hospital tags, or other sentimental items which include your memories as part of your scrapbook journaling.

3. Create A Scrapbook Of A Wedding

When creating a scrapbook for a wedding there really is so much to consider. You may wish to break it down into different books. For example you may wish to have engagement party, hen/stag parties, wedding and then honeymoon as separate book.

Use the colors of the day!

Choose the colors from the wedding and keep them the same throughout your book. If you had black and white photos taken on the day it looks really good to arrange these in a vintage style page. More on this later.

Bridal scrapbook

Use inspirational backgrounds

Backgrounds and borders can be created using your wedding paper or invitation cards.

Re-cycle things for your text

Text can be presented on plain card displayed on a wedding invitation, name cards or order of ceremony.

Go “old school” style

As mentioned above a vintage style page can be really good to display black and white photos or better still Sepia photos. Create this using tea stained paper (either created yourself or buying from a scrapbooking supplier). Use old fashioned photo corner clips and calligraphy to finish the look off.

**Top Tip**

Have a scrapbooking table at your wedding and ask people to create a page, or write a memory during the day. Include, favors, order of service, wedding dress samples, receipts etc.

4. Graduation Pages

Creating graduation pages to preserve the memories of your children’s graduations is an important part of scrapbooking. Here’s a few simple ideas on how to get started quickly!

Scrapbook page showcasing high school graduation

Work with the college / school colours

Traditionally the colour of graduation is black however your college may have particular colors on their emblem. Use these colors where possible to capture the uniqueness of the occasion. Alternatively you could use the time of year or season to reflect a theme. For example go with a simple white background to reflect the snow at winter.

creating scrapbooks - image 4

Re-cycle those boring essays!

Your printed essays (ensuring the text has been changed to light color) make a wonderful background to your page. These can be printed on colored card or paper.

Get creative with your layout

Include everyone’s home room school pictures and have to bring and bring back memories of how their school journey started.

** Top Ideas **

Use your old books and university documentation (those that are not precious to you) for borders and backgrounds. Small scrolls can be included of your memories.

I hope that’s helped inspire you with some new ideas for creating scrapbooks – and I wish you all the best with creating scrapbooks of your memories!