Create a Tropical Paradise with a Custom Orangery

Posted June 18, 2021 by in Decor

If you need some extra living space, there are, of course, many options and one of the most popular revivals in the UK is the traditional orangery, a tasteful glass extension that brings nature into your living space. Optimum thermal insulation courtesy of hermetically sealed double-glazed units and the design is customised to blend perfectly with the surroundings, which will be a major feature of your home.

It’s All in the Design

If you make contact with a specialist glazier such as, who have all the design solutions and can show you some stunning examples of previous projects. Frameless roof glazing brings you a room with natural light and the precise climate control, you can create a tropical indoor area with a diverse range of flora and fauna. The supplier views each project as a challenge and with your input and their expertise, the perfect orangery design awaits!

Favourite All-Season Space

The great thing about an orangery is its suitability for all seasons; in the summer, the right ventilation and airflow with selected openings keep things cool, while in the cold winter months, your orangery will be the warmest room in the house, morning, afternoon and evening.

Adding a humidifier will ensure that your tropical plants thrive and with a little planning, you could have a small stream and waterfall, providing you with a relaxing ambience. Click here for home décor tips.

Boost the Value of Your Home

Nothing adds value to real estate like extra living space and a custom-built glass orangery will add significant value to the property. As the years roll by, the cost of such a structure will rise and this will ensure that your home is at the top end of the price range, plus if you are ever looking for a quick sale, the orangery should provide the incentive for a quick offer.

Online Solutions

If you would like to explore the potential that an orangery offers, search online for a leading specialist UK glazier, one that has extensive experience and arrange for one of their in-house designers to pay you a visit. There are many styles to choose from and the glass company love to create new designs and they can think outside of the box, with custom openings and a range of tints. Once the design has been finalised, the designer can quote for the project and if all is agreeable, the surveyor will take precise measurements and fabrication can begin.

The glazier would have a lot of experience regarding planning permission and can assist you with the plan submission and once that has been approved, an installation date can be scheduled. The first stage would be setting the base and once that is completed, the space is ready for construction. Aluminium framing and seamless double-glazed units make up the majority of the structure, while LED light can be built into the unit.

Click here for local government information about conservatories and the process to apply for building permission. If you have friends who have added an orangery, ask them how they feel about it?