Crystal Chandeliers: Why They’ll Never Go Out of Fashion

Posted March 22, 2017 by in Decor

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by new technology, it seems like there’s no way to stay on trend. Luckily, some things never go out of style. Little black dresses. Red lipstick. And, of course, chandeliers. These home gems have been a universal symbol of class since the beginning of their history. Originally found in the finest castles and manors during medieval times, chandeliers have lit every incredible interior since, from Versailles to the Titanic to modern five-star resorts. They’re iconic enough to have been celebrated from The Phantom of The Opera to hit Sia songs.

So what makes crystal chandeliers such badges of beauty? It’s more than just the bling.

The Modern Touch

Crystal chandeliers are more than just elegant old designs, the lighting world has also added a new layer of luxe design alongside antique and vintage-inspired chandeliers. Modern design elements have created a new wave of incredible options for lighting your ceiling. With Mid-Century Modern shapes, asymmetrical waterfalls, and LED suspensions — there is truly a chandelier out there for any type of home today. Anyone can put art on their walls, but hanging a sculptural element above a well-staged room is the cherry on top of true perfection.


Ingenious Design Elements

It’s more than the look of chandeliers that have benefitted from a modern update. Today, contemporary chandeliers are being used in more unique ways than ever. They have moved beyond foyers and dining rooms, and can now be found everywhere else in the house — or even outdoors. A dimmable chandelier above the bed or bathtub adds a touch of romance. A series of cutting-edge hanging pendants above a kitchen island can make it feel like a gourmet restaurant. And most uniquely of all, a dramatic chandelier can help totally revamp a rustic space, like a cozy barn.

It’s a gorgeous way to push the boundaries of design, and Pinterest-perfect weddings have taken strongly to this nontraditional look. Just one chandelier alone is enough to change the entire look of a place, and in a small or provincial space, even a standard-sized chandelier can totally update the aesthetic.

Crystal Chandeliers: Why They'll Never Go Out of Fashion

Beautiful, Yet Affordable!

So we’ve established that there’s a chandelier for every style, and that there’s a chandelier for every room in the house. Of course those aren’t the only factors when it comes to redecorating your home, but don’t worry, because there’s also a chandelier for every budget. Once upon a time only the nobility could afford to adorn their ceilings with dripping crystals, and there are still illuminated masterpieces available at the top of everyone’s budget. But now there are other options as well — including those available to interior enthusiasts trying to save some cash for the rest of the home. Now, just a few hundred dollars can get you the chandelier of your decadent dreams, and the end result still looks just as incredible.

Crystal Chandeliers: Why They'll Never Go Out of Fashion

The case for chandeliers is backed by one simple truth: there’s simply no competing with them visually. Track lighting is boring, and out of place with most home styles. Ceiling spotlights don’t deliver consistent light. The world of ceiling lighting is really not a glamorous or good-looking one. That’s why chandeliers are the top choice for stylish home decorators, and why they’ll never go out of style. When something works, we keep it around as a lasting piece of our culture. And when something illuminates our lives with the look of true art, we hang it up in our home forever.

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