Date Night: Which Broadway Show Should You See?

Posted September 25, 2019 by in Lifestyle
broadway show options

Finding time to fit in an activity for your own enjoyment can be a little difficult when you have little ones running around. But you need to make sure you give yourself a little time to let your hair down and enjoy something for its own sake without worrying about the kids every once in a while. Get a babysitter, book something fun and enjoy yourself! Of course, when you do this, you’re going to want something that’s entertaining but low energy and isn’t going to leave you feeling deflated when you return to your usual duties. So, what ticks all of these boxes? Well, a Broadway performance could be the perfect option for you!

Broadway is world renowned and there are always a host of critically acclaimed shows on, so no matter when you happen to be able to secure free time, you’re bound to be in for a treat. The one problem you may face when heading to a night on Broadway? Choosing a set play (or musical) to book tickets for. There are so many options you can often feel spoilt for choice and struggle to settle on just one.

Luckily, the infographic on Broadway tickets below will help guide you in the right direction. It’ll take your preferences and determine what show will tick all your boxes and leave you heading home feeling content and like you got your money’s worth.

So, take a moment to go through it and you’ll know which play you should opt for in next to no time!

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